Let’s get serious: A word about ‘Wellness Woo’ and Susceptibility to Misinformation

by Denise O’Malley, Founder of You Define Wellness

In my role as founder of You Define Wellness, you will rarely find me talking publicly about health related conspiracy theories, (mis)information, or wellness ‘bunk’.  

There is a reason why I don’t go on the record and talk about these subjects, and today I’m making an exception.

A news article titled “The dark side of wellness: the overlap between spiritual thinking and far-right conspiracies”  from The Guardian was sent to me today. The author, Eva Wiseman, shares how ‘wellness woo’ has been easier to sell over the past 18-months of this pandemic with conspiracy theories and misinformation running rampant.

Since You Define Wellness embraces an individual’s right to define what healthy living is to them – heck, our name even says that! – with more than 130 healing modalities represented in our network, I felt the time was right to speak up and share our beliefs and policies.

As an organization, we are not taking any stand as to proper treatments or ‘cures’ during this pandemic other than to say this: It is up to YOU to determine what is right for you!

Our organization is comprised of hundreds of health and wellness professionals from around the world and – just like any community – we have a myriad of personalities, training, beliefs, and values.  Everyone has their own opinion as to what is the right course of action, and I don’t agree with all of them… nor do they agree with me.  What I can say – unequivocally – and in opposition to the article: wellness and spirituality are NOT universally synonymous with misinformation!

  • Are there some new-age or spirituality-focused practitioners in our network who tend to lean towards anti-vaccination? Yes… and there are an equal number – at least – who do not!
  • We have allopathic registered nurses and nurse practitioners who have an anti-vaccination belief; but I also have energy healers who are pro-vax. 

Our network is eclectic to say the least.  Communities have diverse opinions and we can not lump them all together!

You Define Wellness is a safe place where you can find healers of all opinions and beliefs.  When you choose to work with us, we will help guide you to the professional who is right for what you need and in alignment with your own values to the extent that we can.

If you want to reach out to me, please do so.  I welcome your questions and comments.