Increase participation with an employee wellness survey!

Are you guessing what will motivate your employees to participate in your corporate wellness initiatives?
Frustrated that no matter what you do only 1/4 of your staff engages… or takes the surveys you create???


You Define Wellness knows the questions to ask to design wellness education topics and activities that will enthusiastically engage employees!

We will…

  • Consult with you on the best methods of communicating with your staff (email, in-person, combination of the two);
  • Customize our survey template with questions you wish to add;
  • Analyze the data when the survey concludes; and,
  • Make recommendations for wellness activities and education.

Once you have the final analysis, you are under no obligation to implement the recommendations through us… although we hope you’ll consider using You Define Wellness as – after all – that’s what we do!


Some companies charge thousands of dollars to conduct employee surveys!  Not us! We have three plans available:

  • BASIC: Includes custom survey link and raw (.csv) results for you to interpret the data as you wish – $249.
  • FULL: Includes the above PLUS analysis of data and recommendations – $499.
  • PREMIER: Includes the above PLUS onsite survey assistance (Colorado only) to ensure all employees participate – $499 + $3 per employee

Our rates are  a bargain when you consider the amount of time your staff would need to invest to get the same results!

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