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How to Use

General Public

We invite visitors to our website to use our Wellness Center to find and locate care providers, discover educational videos and articles, and even take advantage of free offers. The Wellness Center is for community use!

Please note that any pricing indicated on a product or service is for You Define Wellness clients with our Healthy Living Savings Card or are enrolled in our employee benefits plan, Pathways: Wellness @ Work.  For retail pricing of a product or service that does not say “Buy Now” contact the provider for rate information.


Pathways: Wellness @ Work Plan

You must be enrolled on the Pathways: Wellness @ Work plan to receive the specified pricing!

    • Each month that you are eligible for a benefit on the Pathways: Wellness @ Work plan, you will receive an authorized code to use towards services.
    • Each provider listing will state the number of YDW codes required along with any out-of-pocket additional costs due at time of service.
    • You will find available services on this website but you will NOT redeem nor purchase services here.  Select a provider and contact them to schedule an appointment.
    • To redeem your YWD authorized code, simply present the code to the provider at time of booking or service.
    • If you have any questions or concerns, contact us; you can also call us at 303-222-7168; ext. 700.

Healthy Living Savings Card

To schedule your appointment, contact the provider directly.  For in-person services, show your card at time of service to receive your discount.

If you are receiving virtual services, you will find a code on the back of your Healthy Living Savings Card.  Please be sure to give that code to your provider to validate you are enrolled in the Healthy Living Savings Card.

Pay in Advance Services

Some providers require payment at time of scheduling.  To obtain your discount, simply click the button below.  You will be asked enter a password; you will find it on the back of the card.

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How to Use December 2, 2020