How BEMER’s PEMF Therapy Recharges Your System

Why Humans Need Electricity for Peak Health

The molecular energy produced by our bodies sends signals to various parts of the system, in the same way, that the circulatory system sends oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Our cells are configured to produce the electrical currents needed by the nervous system to enable us to move, think and feel.

To achieve peak physical and mental health, humans need both their electrical and blood flow systems to work effectively. Any disruption in electrical currents can cause illness in people. For example, to get your heart to pump, the muscle needs to contract at the appropriate time, and a regulated electrical current makes it do so.

When Your Batteries Run Flat

Just like our phones do when they are running low on a battery charge, our bodies send us signals we should pay attention to. These include fatigue, irritability, low energy, obesity, anxiety and depression, sleeplessness, and the onset of chronic conditions.

It’s easy to get to a point where you’re exhausted, too. Poor lifestyle choices, medication side effects, caffeine, alcohol, and smoking, can all drain your human electrical energy reserves without you noticing. While you can take steps to recover when you get to this stage, it’s much better to practice prevention strategies that allow your body to recharge continuously.

How to Recharge Your System

There are many ways to recharge your system, regardless of how drained you feel before you begin. Changes in eating habits increased exercise, and methods of grounding that connect your body electrically to the Earth’s energy all help cleanse, repair, and return your system to its ideal state.

Enhance the process using a therapeutic approach like pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) technology, which produces waveforms and frequencies we need to stimulate electrical activity in our muscle tissues.

Just like charging a toothbrush or cellphone wirelessly, doing so refreshes and revitalizes your system. It improves your performance by strengthening electrical impulses and sending extra blood and nutrients to the cells.

What PEMF Therapy Does

Bio electromagnetic energy regulation (BEMER) devices deliver a mild electrical, magnetic current to your cells using a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF). This current increases the blood flow to the cells, boosting your cellular oxygen absorption levels by up to 200%.

The higher CO2 level resets regular cell interaction and reduces pain associated with a lack of sufficient oxygen. Once the inflammation and pain reduction, your energy increases and your tissues can begin to heal more rapidly. PEMF doesn’t treat specific conditions but optimizes the body’s natural self-healing capabilities.

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