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"Everything going on in our world today has one thing in common:
it impacts our well-being."
Denise O'Malley, Founder of You Define Wellness
In 2020, pandemic, furloughs, work-from-home, unemployment, children in/not in school, sick family members, unpaid bills, and racism have been among the negative experiences. Positive experiences equally impact our wellbeing: marriage, birth, and new jobs to name a few.
Wellbeing = Self Care
Learning how to take care of ourselves first is of the utmost importance...
... as we can't effectively care for others when we, ourselves, are not thriving.

We can help!

You Define Wellness is a diverse community of vetted healthy living professionals across the USA with specialization ranging from Acupuncture to Zumba lessons.
Truth be told, we don't have Zumba lessons, but if you want them included we will find someone to teach you!

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If you are looking for new ideas to help employees live healthier lives, You Define Wellness is the unique, one-of-a-kind solution you’ve been looking for!

We created the You Define Wellness program to support employees when the healthy living activities they seek are not covered by traditional medical insurance.  Services like life coaching, fitness, and alternative medicine.

We have two products available and both co-exist with your existing medical insurance!

Two Events for Employers:

Yes, corporate wellness is all about mitigating people risks in your business. Come to this free 1-hr interactive conversation to learn more. Held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month beginning December, 2020.

Employee Benefits:

Want to learn how to DIY your corporate wellness initiatives? No problem, we have a 2.5 hr workshop for you! Held on the 3rd Thursday beginning Dec. 2020. $1,571 value for only $597 when you use discount code RISK2021

COMING SOON: Discover it now; launch in 2021

Employees are critical to bottom line profitability!  Dissatisfied clients, high turnover, unplanned absences, poor leadership and more are greatly impacted when employees are not happy, healthy and thriving… but many employees are overwhelmed with healthy living options and strategies!  That’s why we created Pathways: a multi-dimensional Wellness @ Work option that includes:

  • Wellbeing assessments + FOUR one-on-one coaching sessions with a certified Wellness PathFinder
  • Employee choice of one personal healthy living service per month from our provider network (fully or partially subsidized)
  • One group Wellness Talk per month for all employees
  • Annual Workplace Healthy Living Fair
  • Healthy Living Savings Card per enrolled employee
  • … and more!

Check out our simplified corporate solution: Wellness in a Box.  It’s not a DIY corporate wellness program, you say ‘Yes’ and we pretty much do the rest with monthly wellness education, an annual health fair, and a Healthy Living Savings Card for employees!

Education for Workplace or Community Groups

Our vetted network providers are the experts in healthy living… and have created educational programs for workplace or community groups.

We have dozens of topics available covering all eight dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, intellectual and environmental!

Classes are available at your worksite depending on COVID-19 restrictions or even via worldwide webinars.


The Healthy Living Savings Card by You Define Wellness provides great savings on products and services that you’re probably paying full price out of your pocket for!

Buy one and share it with family.  It never expires and can be used countless times in a month… and it’s a great GIFT idea too!

You Define Wellness: We are different... and that's a beautiful thing!

Become Part of our Healing Community

We are passionate about building community and supporting YOU!

As an independent health & wellness professional, you may feel all alone.  Perhaps you’re searching for community.  Whether you are in our network or not, we’re here to support you with opportunities to connect, learn, and build your business!

Each month we hold many events in our free public Facebook group, Foundations4Success!  Check out our activities for anyone who wishes to come:

  • Business Boost: Speakers Series is held once a month and delivers tools to help in your business;
  • Our Business Boost: Power Hour is a weekly sales or business blitz with others; and,
  • Every week we sponsor a TGIF Networking to build on our foundation of community, connection & collaboration
  • Learn about You Define Wellness at a twice-monthly Let’s Get Acquainted!

PLUS… we’ve created activities that are free for our network providers but invite you to participate (a fee may apply):

  • Monthly Community Gathering; and,
  • Every other month workshop on “Create ‘Must-Have’ Workplace Wellness Programs.”

Check out our Events calendar for more information.


We are passionate about supporting your independent healthy living business!

Joining our network makes smart business sense.  Not only can you create classes for employers to find, but we have programs we’ve created for your clients to have affordable access to through employer subsidized employee benefit programs and discount cards.  No matter the program, YOU control your income.

There is a ton of stuff we offer you.  Click the blue button to learn more!

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