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The SECRET to having a thriving business is simple:

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Please note: this is the same as 'My Healthy Living Journal.' We had a minor name change during publishing.
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Are you dealing with dissatisfied clients, staff turnover, unplanned absences or even - ahem - poor leadership?
Corporate wellness is about people risk management! A well thought out program can reduce employee turnover & unplanned absences, create satisfied clients, improve leadership and communication, and reduce medical claim costs.
Not mitigating these risks can add up to an evaporation of 20% of gross revenue from employees who are not happy, healthy & thriving!!
Happy, healthy & thriving employees are the SECRET to having a thriving business!

You Define Wellness offers a variety of solutions for the work-from-home employee to the office environment.

We deliver what engages employees: healthy living education and affordable access to services.

If your employees are not engaging in your corporate wellness initiatives, it's time for us to talk!
Healthy living isn't JUST about fitness, nutrition and mental health... it's about many dimensions of wellbeing blending together to make us whole.
To have a successful workplace program and ensure employee engagement, corporate wellness MUST take all eight dimensions of wellbeing into consideration.
At You Define Wellness, our program centers around education and affordable access to services of choice so that the EMPLOYEE determines what they need and how they want to receive it.


The #1 reason people do not make changes in their lives is they don’t know what to do.  With more than 130 modalities represented in our network, we have the experts to provide the education about different paths to wellbeing your employees need!

Access to Services

Wellness isn’t ‘wellness’ if it’s not done on a consistent basis, so monthly access to the services an individual employee selects from our network of providers is the foundation of our employee benefit programs.

Click the circle below and start discovering our corporate wellness solutions.
You Define Wellness is not an insurance company nor are our products insurance. You Define Wellness is not a replacement for medical insurance.

We're MORE than just an employee benefit program for healthy living!

When you have a vetted network with some of the best independent health & wellness professionals from across the globe in it, it would be a shame to simply offer an employee benefit program for healthy living.

We’ve created an online Wellness (Resource) Center packed with freebies, articles, downloads, and – of course – our provider services.  Many employers use our Wellness Center to find articles for corporate wellness newsletters, resources for their employees, and their monthly educational programs.

The Wellness Center is not restricted to employers; it is open to the public.


While our business model is our employee benefit programs, many individuals approached us asking for an individual solution.  Some were retirees, others were self-employed, and many simply do not have a wellness program offered at their workplace.

These requests resulted in the creation of our online Wellness Center AND a discount program we call the Healthy Living Savings Card.

Video Education

Since our inception in 2016, we’ve hosted – and recorded – hundreds of talks with our network providers creating a massive educational resource for the community!

In the video library you’ll discover meditations, workouts, self care exercises, and support for every dimension of wellbeing.

Visit our page YDW…. Recorded! to learn more about a particular provider or simply anytime you need a little help from an expert.

Join Our Network

If you are an independent health & wellness provider of any modality, or you offer a holistic approach to business needs, we invite you to consider joining our network!

We’re different than other online directories:

  • We have an active community of professionals who connect and collaborate;
  • We create opportunities for you to get business exposure through the events we host; and,
  • We’re the ONLY directory with an employee benefit plan for healthy living.

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People often say to us, "It's hard to keep up with everything happening at You Define Wellness"!
We celebrate this statement because it means WE'RE DOING THINGS!!!
To help you keep up, below you'll find some of the newest happenings:
10/22/2021: New Video for Health / Wellness Professionals
Whether you're currently a provider in our network, or wanting to learn more about joining, this new video is for you!
10/17/2021: New page added for brochures!
We like to think that our website IS our brochure... but sometimes you just want a brochure. Check out our new page exclusively for our brochures!
10/8/2021: NEW! Private label wellness education for your company, tenants, or association!
Do you find delivering wellness programs for your people a challenge with social distancing and work from home? Talk to us about our newest offering: private label wellness education! We'll use your logo and colors, and even include a custom video or message from you.
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