Holistic Healing Crisis Support Team

Join us in creating something good in the community!

Our Founder, Denise O’Malley, has a philosophy:

When you have the resources to create change, it is your responsibility to manifest it.

The resource we possess is the community we have built of dedicated wellness professionals who are passionate about healing.  Healing their clients/patients and the community in general.  With the hundreds who have joined our network – or are simply our friends – we have the capacity to do more, deliver more, be more for society.

It occurs to us that we have the ability to harness this energy to be of service when crisis touches the workplace.

Natural disasters.
Workplace violence.
Terrorist attacks.

We cannot change the world we live in or stop bad things from happening, but we can change our reaction by engaging, supporting, and offering services to heal.

The first advice given to employers after a crisis is to bring in the mental health professionals, and we do not disagree with this advice.  It’s necessary and helpful.  What we know is IT IS NOT ENOUGH.  Trauma settles immediately into the body and soul, and will fester into future health issues if left unchecked.

It is our goal to bring together like-minded individuals to deliver more after a crisis…. and we’re calling it a Holistic Healing Crisis Support Team.


We are in an exploratory stage… a time when we are bringing together the talent, discuss what this could look like, and find the people to help make it happen.  This will be a separate organization from You Define Wellness, most likely a non-profit, and will be shaped by those who engage in our development.  It will take a community coming together to manifest this vision because it cannot be done by one person alone.

All interested parties are invited to help us build this team:

  • Wellness professionals: You will define the care that is given.
  • Business owners: Especially those with experience in workplace crisis to help identify what you want and need.
  • First responders, survivors and their family members: You’ve been there, we need you to share your experience.
  • Religious leaders
  • Community at large
  • Attorneys who can provide advice and skills
  • People with non-profit experience
  • People who love to fundraise
  • People with marketing and social media skills

It is Denise’s hope that this Holistic Healing Crisis Support Team will never be engaged… but we know it will.  It’s the world we’re living in.

Are you ready to help us create this new resource for the community?

Note, there is NO cost except your time and commitment to help us in the formation stage.

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Holistic Healing Crisis Support Team August 6, 2018

Upcoming Events

  1. Sales Team Meeting

    July 6 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am MDT
  2. Let’s Get Acquainted – for healthy living professionals

    July 7 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am MDT
  3. Racial Diversity in the Healthy Living Professions

    July 7 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm MDT