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For over 30-years Marla Koupal has developed skills, attitudes and tested drug-free, non-invasive, self-care technologies. She has chosen to support her youth-tude, youth-plan, and youth-span! The latest is Voxxlife Wearable Neurotech!
Voxxlife Wearable Neurotech builds stamina, stabilizes balance and actually increases mental agility. Marla can share this product with anyone, young or old, in a 2-minute demonstration and feel a functional difference.
Any health & wellness professional who specializes in body therapy, movement, exercise, counseling or even surgical recovery (and more!) will find benefit from adding this product to their practice as a way to deliver more for your clients/patients!

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Find out more about Voxxlife Wearable Neurotech’s value-added revenue program for your health & wellness business! There are two programs for wellness professionals to save money and an increase your practices’ revenue stream: Practitioner and Associate.  Contact Marla to discover which one is best for you!


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Who benefits from Voxxlife Wearable Neurotech?
Anyone at fall risk; home, work or play…
Anyone wanting to manage neuropathy and diabetic foot pain.
Anyone wanting improved sports performance (professional and amateur athletes, referees, pickle ball & tennis players, golfers etc.)
Schedule a demonstration by calling or texting 719-964-2268. This 2-minute demo will change your life and the life of your family.
Offer Add a dynamic product to your health & wellness practice
Available Canada & the United States
Vibrancy, LLC Distributor of Voxxlife Human Performance Technology March 11, 2019