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Having gone through more life-changing situations and challenges than she could seem to fathom, Dena Adams, was once again faced with a challenge when she left her Accounting Business to become an author. Little did she know she was heading down a path that would show her what God had been preparing her for all this time.

Becoming a Certified life coach, Self-Discovery Specialist, Inspirational Speaker and Self-published #1 Amazon best-selling author has allowed Dena to share her challenges of becoming a young single mom, going through the learning curves of becoming a blended family with her, now husband of 18+ years and 5 children (16-23), and with her entrepreneurial desires, all while facing the pain, hurt, and turmoil of her past. Dena thrives in helping you overcome what holds you back in life and empowers you to face your future with the drive and passion you deserve so you can achieve your greatness.

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20% discount on one hour coaching sessions with the Healthy Living Savings Card. Discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.


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Discount 20% discount on one hour coaching sessions
City & zip code Ft. Collins, CO
Available Worldwide
Seek Defeat Design, LLC February 26, 2019