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First of all – I do not believe in dieting! Instead, I believe in better lifestyle choices. I am a Nutrition Coach with a background in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Biochemistry, and Nutrition. I look at nutrition from a biochemical view point. We all know that the food that we eat is what keeps our bodies running on a daily basis. What few of us know is what our bodies do with the food and nutrients that we put into our bodies. With a background in molecular biology, biochemistry and nutrition, I can help you to understand what your body does with the food that you eat – both the good and the bad.

We know that 70% of our immune system is in our gut and communicates with the bacteria that lives in our bodies (called the microbiome). Current research shows that many of the health problems that we see in the United States are due to consistent low level inflammation due to what our microbiome tells our body to do with what it absorbs. I can help you to understand how the food you eat affects your microbiome and your health.

I can help you to eat better and feel better. Most importantly, I can help you to understand how the food you eat can make you healthy and how it can make you sick.

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