Recalibrating Emotions

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Cindy discovered Emotion Code while nursing a foot injury that bothered her for years to no prevail. She met with a friend who practiced this process of healing and discovered she had some trapped emotions that contributed greatly to this foot discomfort.

Having a natural gift for spiritual healing, Cindy was immediately fascinated by this particular form of healing and made a decision she too wanted to share it with the world.  With the guidance of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s signature method, The Emotion Code™, Cindy became certified as a Emotion Code Practitioner… and the rest is history!

She has worked with many clients in contributing to the healing of their mind, body and spirit.  This has allowed her clients to experience increased well-being and abundance in their life. Cindy’s work is in uncovering imbalances in their lives that lead to emotional distress and ailments, and eventually can lead to disease. She works to release their past “baggage” that holds life in a negative pattern, which allows them to move forward more vibrantly. Her practice has reached people around the world and she looks forward to sharing it with you.

Contact Cindy today so that she can share with you this creative force to bring about change and more vibrant health and well-being to all facets of your life.

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Provider works with clients anywhere via phone/internet.  Based out of Parker, CO.

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Recalibrating Emotions September 30, 2019