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Primal Air is in the business of bringing families together by reducing breathing problems. From snoring to ADHD in children improper breathing due to the form and/or function of the craniofacial respiratory complex leads to enormous stress in the home. Naughty children may be oxygen deprived all night long, or just be tired from working hard all night. Snoring spouses are not sleeping well, and neither are the bed partners. Too many married couples are sleeping apart!
We practice orofacial myofunctional therapy, managing the muscles in the snoring complex to work harmoniously.
Who needs us? Anyone who snores, is anxious, grinds their teeth, has TMJ problems, breathes with their mouth open, sucks their thumb or fingers and more. Our group of practitioners will see you virtually or in person if possible.

Discount Description


50% discount for the Moeller protocol for cash clients with Healthy Living Savings Card; not to be combined with any other discounts or special offers.


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Offer 50% discount for the Moeller protocol for cash clients
City & zip code Sun Prairie, WI 53590
Available Across US; ask for details
Primal Air, LLC November 25, 2019