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Anne Asher is a movement educator with nearly 20+ years’ experience, and the author of the book Inside Out Pain Relief: The Human Approach to Healing Your Body. She is the founder of Posturally, LLC, a company that helps people help themselves out of pain without the use of drugs or surgery.

A recognized leader in the field of holistic pain management; Anne’s expertise has been featured in major media outlets including Wiley, Conde Naste, the American Council on Exercise and, formerly a division of The New York Times Company.

She is also an award-winning health journalist specializing in spine and holistic pain management.

Anne holds three certifications from the American Council on Exercise: Trainer, Health Coach and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist. For over a decade, she’s served as a consumer reviewer for the Cochrane Back Group, a non-profit organization providing the public with science backed data on the effects of various spine treatments.

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Posturally, LLC November 15, 2019