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Cindy Brosig is a Registered Nurse and owner of Operation H.E.E.L., practicing the art of Animal-Assisted Therapy with her canine partner, Ted, a Therapy Dog, to help heal and empower the spirited lives of children. Cindy works with children aged 5yrs and older in facilitating the therapeutic interaction between a Therapy Dog and a child to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and/or depression which are often manifested through social and emotional challenges or self-harm. Together, Cindy and Ted support children through the physiological changes that are commonly felt and almost always misunderstood by teaching them to re-train their body to choose to release “happy” hormones instead of “fear” hormones that are often the result of living in a constant state of “flight or fight” due to a disability, toxic stress, or trauma. Inviting the dog to share their innate talents in purposeful activities and lessons, on and off leash, provides a more natural, heart-felt connection for the child to acknowledge and heal their body’s response network, revealing their true sense of self and purpose that may otherwise remain trapped in the flurry of emotions.

Cindy also invites the family’s dog to participate as a partner in the child’s emotional and social healing to continue support at home.

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15% off private therapeutic lessons with therapy dog or family dog with Healthy Living Savings Card; not to be combined with any other discounts or special offers.


To schedule an appointment, call 608-239-5671

WEBSITE: www.opheel.com


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Offer 15% off private therapeutic lessons with therapy dog or family dog
City & zip code Marshall, WI 53559
Operation H.E.E.L., LLC December 9, 2019