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Fortress Planning Group is an independent, fee-only, registered investment advisory firm who is dedicated to coaching clients toward a holistic view of wealth and family stewardship.

At Fortress Planning, we serve successful family stewards. A family steward is anyone who watches over their family, makes sacrifices for their family, protects their family, or works for their family. Husbands, wives, partners, parents, grandparents, children and siblings; anyone who feels family is the most important thing: that is a family steward.

We made the decision to work with successful family stewards because we too are family stewards. We know the unique wealth challenges family stewards face. Our work with families and individuals is about so much more than investing. It is about creating a customized plan for where you are now and where you want to go. It is a blueprint for your family fortress, for exceptional security and financial freedom for your family.

Being a family steward is a difficult task. It is distracting, stressful, and sometimes frightening. Let us take one thing off your plate: stop feeling guilty that you do not have all the answers! Your job is to keep taking care of your family. Our job is to help you create a plan.

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30% discount on Qualified Retirement Plan Review with Kevin Sandieson. Discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.


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Locations in Madison & Pewaukee, WI


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Discount 30% discount with HLSC
Available Anywhere in US and in person in Wisconsin
Fortress Planning Group November 1, 2019