Ed Bostick, Hypnotherapy

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Whether you are looking for a personal or career transition, hypnotherapy coupled with NLP/Coaching is powerful for changing self-defeating behaviors and setting and achieving goals. When you are conscious of what you are doing–you can do anything!

Hypnotherapy provides the space to explore alternatives, rediscover special talents, and to experiment in a safe space. Hypnotherapy/NLP coaching is ideally suited to “creatives”, (artist, singer, dancer, writer, crafts-person, content-provider, etc.) to make the connection to inner yearnings. Learning the tools and techniques of self-hypnosis and NLP supports the business person planning for transfer, promotion, or encore career. and importantly, maintaining health and vigor in challenging situations, you wherever you choose to go.

Discount Description


The following services are available for a 25% discount with the Healthy Living Savings Card:

1) Hypnotherapy (Medical Support): Relief from Chronic Pain, Overactive Bladder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Migraine Headaches, Addiction & Trauma Recovery

2) Hypnosis: Heal and Complete the Past, Setting Goals and Achieving Them, Discovering Your Authentic Self

3) NLP Coaching: Career Transitions, Encore Careers, & Therapist Coaching

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Discount Hypnotherapy, hypnosis & NLP coaching services are available for a 25% discount
City & zip code Centennial, CO 80112
Available Worldwide via phone/internet
Ed Bostick, Hypnotherapy February 22, 2019