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Positive Change Starts Here. Welcome To Colorado Springs Hypnosis Ltd. I am Charles Buckingham. I am a certified hypnotist and a tobacco cessation specialist. I use advanced hypnosis techniques combined with emotional freedom technique and muscle testing, which have a stacking affect for knocking out cravings and helping you assume your new identity as a non-smoker.

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685 S. Citadel Dr. E. #290-16, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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During our two-hour session you can expect a short period where I will assess your motivations for quitting. I will explain to you the whole process so you understand how everything works and that this process is something we will be doing together. We will do some emotional freedom technique to reverse the polarity of your cravings then flush them out of your nervous system. Then you sit back in the comfy chair and I guide you into hypnosis. You will be completely awake and alert, just extremely relaxed, laying back while I tell you a story. Once you come out of hypnosis you will have no cravings, no withdraw and I guarantee that for life. If you ever start smoking, dipping, chewing, etc. again, you can make another appointment and we will get you back on track at no additional cost to you.

So why tobacco? As a prior smoker for several years, I understand how difficult it can be to quit this habit. As a non-smoker, I know how easy it is to stop using hypnosis. Many of us start using tobacco for some sort of acceptance when we are young. By the time we really start to grasp how dangerous and expensive the habit is, we no longer believe we can stop. I am here to tell you that, that belief is wrong and that being smoke free can be easy.

Do you offer other services? Yes. Hypnosis is a fantastic modality to reach many of your goals. Although I do specialize in tobacco cessation, I am more than happy to help you with weight loss, anxiety, stress, phobias, pain control and other issues. Please contact me if you have questions about what you would like to improve.

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