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I am a whole person provider. I prefer to think of my philosophy as “Tone over Bone”. The intention of connection to a particular individuals Being or Soul is paramount, and in fact, addressed with more regard than the bone I’m adjusting. I’m also an advocate for mental clearing, dietary changes and stress reduction as a means for wellness. I speak often on our broken system and try to empower individuals to notice how they’re falling prey to the advertisements in the food and drug administration; as they can’t make money off healthy people. I provide statistics, analogies and direct the patient to draw conclusions on their own. There is a paradigm shift going on right now in various facets and the sooner a patient can be liberated spiritually and bodily then sooner they are on the bandwagon to vitality. The long the chronicity, the longer it takes to resolve. The time is NOW!

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Up to 20% reduction in normal fees with the Healthy Living Savings Card; not to be combined with any other discounts or special offers.


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Offer Up to 20% reduction in normal fees
City & zip code Arvada, CO 80005
Be Well Spine & Soul, LLC February 10, 2020