Help Us Grow

You Define Wellness is a grassroots movement to manifest change in the health & wellness industry.  If you’ve wandered around our website, you’ve discovered that everything centers around a diverse network of health & wellness professionals who are committed to our mission.

You may be thinking…

There aren’t enough providers in my area.

True, at least not YET.

How CHANGE manifests...

As a health & wellness professional, you know how change happens… it starts with a mindset shift.

It starts by asking the questions:

What if…
Can we…

At You Define Wellness, we love it when our providers ask us these questions because it means we’re moving to a bigger, stronger, more focused reality.

So we have to ask,

“What if YOU help us create in your community that which you’ve always dreamt was possible?”


The Simple Formula for Success

Change – at the level we’re creating – is a combination and balance of three key ingredients:


We do not have the deep pockets of an insurance company, and we want to keep the price to join our network low… so the more people we can engage in manifesting change, the better!

Below is our strategy for launching You Define Wellness in new markets; are you willing to help us develop this plan in your area?


Join Our Provider Network

Yes, we’re saying it up front… we need you to join our provider network, even if you’re the first in your area.  Perhaps especially if you’re the first in your area.  We cannot create any change without the health & wellness professionals saying “YES!” to our vision!


Who Do You Know?

We don’t know your community, but you do!  Are you connected with other health & wellness professionals, perhaps through a collective that has formed in your area or MeetUp group?  Connect us with the leaders!  If you see our vision, others will too… they just don’t know about us yet!

There is an incentive for helping make these connections; ask about our GRATITUDE BONUS program!


Create Worksite Education Topics

When we start marketing to employers in your area, we must have onsite wellness education topics for them to take advantage of… and that means you – and your friends who have also joined – need to create lunch-n-learn type classes for us to promote!  If this makes you nervous, don’t worry: it’s not mandatory and we do have people who will teach you how to tame the butterflies in your stomach.

Now We're Ready!

Between the wellness education catalog and the Healthy Living Savings Card, we now have something to market to employers!


Who Are the Employers?

There isn’t a magical list for us to purchase with the employers we should connect with; sure, there are some resources, but we’re going to rely on you first.  Who are the employers that we should be contacting in your area?  Help us create a list!

Let’s be realistic… smaller employers (100 or fewer employees) are ideal.  They are easy to get to the decision maker and typically do not take months for a decision to be made.


It's Time for the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan

When our provider network is big enough and diverse enough – and that’s a judgement call – then we’ll be ready to launch the employee benefit plan that combines onsite wellness education with employer subsidized access to your services.  This is the ultimate goal to work towards!  There are regulatory hoops we have to jump through and following the steps above gives us the time to make sure our product is in compliance with all state laws and regulations.

Upcoming Events

  1. Sales Team Meeting

    July 6 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am MDT
  2. Let’s Get Acquainted – for healthy living professionals

    July 7 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am MDT
  3. Racial Diversity in the Healthy Living Professions

    July 7 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm MDT