Healthy Living Tips

Delegating Jobs

Something I realized that is key to keeping my sanity with a growing family is delegation. For example, when our kids turned 7 I started having them help me do their laundry so they could learn to do it. By the time they were 9 they were doing their laundry on their laundry day by themselves. This meant if they missed a day they wore dirty clothes unless they could barter with a sibling to do their laundry. It taught them responsibility, personal hygiene, and if they want clean laundry and they missed their day then they learned how to negotiate and communicate kindly. They learned how to help each other out as well. This also allowed me to step back from a task that could have consumes my entire life.

Learning to delegate age appropriate tasks as our kids grew gave me more self care time as well as more one on one time with each of our kids. It taught them respect for schedules and realization that their life is not only about them but impacts others.

Let's face it, time for ourselves is precious and we need it and our kids need to learn. To be self sufficient. This was my life saver with 4 kids at home full time.

De-Toxing Your Home

Ditch and Switch! Every time you do your weekly or monthly shopping, choose ONE household item to 'ditch' that may contain toxic ingredients, and 'switch' to a non-toxic alternative. This can be anything from your food, to your hygiene products, to your household cleaners! Eventually your home environment will be clean and green, and your body will thank you for it!

Manifesting Goodness

If you’d like to manifest more goodness, keep your Earth energy balanced. Imagine pulling in rich nourishing soil rejuvenating you between your feet and your knees. Plant your seed of intention and drink a glass of crystal clear water to help it start to grow.

Water Bottle with a Boost

It seems like everyone has a water bottle these days - add a flower essence or some Reiki to that bottle every morning to give yourself a boost of calm.

Healthy Living Tips October 21, 2019