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ADAMS, DENA - Seek Defeat Design, LLC

Healthy Living Tip: Delegating Jobs (Healthy Living Tip)

"Overcoming Life's Challenges with a Strong Faith" (Stress)

ASHER, ANNE - Posturally, LLC

"Working from Home without Pain" (Corporate Wellness / Success)

BARTA, MICHEL - Peace Bridge Reiki, LLC

"A passion for the healing energy of Reiki" (Energy Healing)

"What Happens in a Reiki Session?" (Energy Healing)

BASEL, KATHY - The Vitality Code, Inc.

"Stress, Overwhelm, Productivity & the Myth of Work-Life Balance" (Life Balance)


"A Conversation with Meghan Baumann: Get to know Meghan - a Fourth Degree Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher" (Energy Healing)


"Working to help others become WELLthy People" (Life Balance)

BRAGG, BRIANA - Vacation of the Mind

"Meditation for Your Daily Life" (Life Balance)

BRONE, LISA - Optimal Health & Wellness

"A Life of Longevity and Vitality... Reduce Your Risk of Cancer and other Chronic Diseases" (Physical Wellness)

"Concussions: Treatment options and re-gaining functionality" (Physical Wellness)

CALLAHAN, JANET - Good Vibrations Energy Studio

Healthy Living Tip: Water Bottle with a Boost (Healthy Living Tip)

CALVO, DIANA - Diana Calvo Coaching, LLC

Collaborating author of "Expect Miracles: 10 Beautiful Souls Share Stories of Hope, Inspiration & Transformation" by Sue Dumais (Mental Health / Emotional Wellness)

"Healing for Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers" (Relationships)

"My Story: From Survivor to Thriver" (Relationships)

CARNEY, LINDA - Your Path Forward, LLC

"Falling Forward... Turning your Pain into Purpose" (Life Balance)

Healthy Living Tip: De-Toxing Your Home (Healthy Living Tip)

"Linda's Story: Her Journey to Recover From Stress" (Physical Wellness)

"Toxicity in the Home" (Environmental Wellness)

"What to Expect when you Walk through our Door" (Physical Wellness)

CARTON, KEVIN - KC Coaching, Inc.

"Your Purpose is The Answer" (Life Balance)

CHESNUT, BROOKE - Brooke Chesnut, Inc.

"Engaging Employees: From the Millennials on Up" (Corporate Wellness / Corporate Success)

CORDOVA, ANISSA - Anissa M. Cordova, PhD

"Working with First Responders and others Impacted by Trauma" (Mental Health / Emotional Wellness)

COLE, RACHEL - Serenity Remedies CBD

"Concussions: Treatment options and re-gaining functionality" (Physical Wellness)

COLEY, JENNILYNNE - Access Your Genius

"Unveiling the Mysteries of CBD for your Health" (Physical Wellness)

CONWAY, HEATHER - Intuitive Balance Acupuncture

"Acupuncture... It's more than you may think it is" (Physical Wellness)

COURTRIGHT, BRETT - HiQ Health Solutions, LLC

"Understanding your Illness, Prescriptions, and a Path to Wellness" (Physical Wellness)

DELUISI, TIFFANY - More than Healed with Tiffany DeLuisi

"Understanding your Gut Type & Healing Leaky Gut" (Nutrition / Digestion)

DRAVIS-PARRISH, MARY - Simple Strategies for Family Living

Author of "Empowered Parents Empowering Kids" (Relationships)

"Does Parenting Stress You Out?" (Relationships)

"Stress-Free Parenting" (Relationships)

"This is My Story..." (Relationships)

EASTON, ZITA - Grace Filled Nutrition, LLC

"The Gut-Brain Axis Microbiome and the Link to Poor Sleep, Anxiety and Mood" (Nutrition / Digestion)

ENGELKE, KRISTEN - Soul-utions Coaching

"A Conversation with Kristen Engelke - Spiritual Guide and author of Bliss Breaks" (Life Balance)

FROST, SIERRA - Invitation Wellness

"How to Use Compassion to Transform Your Health" (Mental Health / Emotional Wellness)

"The Need for Alternative Options in Workplace Crisis Situations" (About You Define Wellness)

GLITZER, STEPHEN - Uninhibited Wellness

"A Conversation with Coach Glitz - Certified Health, Wellness & Life Coach, Chef, Author & Speaker" (Nutrition / Digestion)

GOLICIC, SUSAN - Uninhibited Wellness

"Adventure: your Passport to Inspired Living" (Life Balance)

Author of "Adventure: your Passport to Inspired Living" (Life Balance)

GOULD, DENA: "Embrace Your Inner Light and Finally Be Enough!" (Intuitives, Psychics & More)

GREEN, PEGGY / Whole Body Fitness & Juice Plus: "Juice Plus... for whole body health" (Nutrition / Digestion)

----- "Working with a Personal Trainer" (Physical Wellness)

GREER, ANDREW: "Stress Reduction with Sound and Vibrations" (Stress)

GUY, PHYLLIS: "Fuel Your Body... and eat to your specific individuality" (Nutrition / Digestion)

HARVEY-ALEXANDER, SHARON / Mountain Wisdom Wholistic Health, LLC: Author of "Learning to Breathe, Learning to Live: Simple Tools to Alleviate Stress and Invigorate your Life." (Life Balance)

----- "Breathe as if Inspired by Life... and Thrive!" (Life Balance)

----- "Breathing for Better Health" (Life Balance)

----- "What to Expect When you Walk Through our Door" (Life Balance)

HAUGH, KELLY / Manifest Natural Wellness: "Cold & Flu Season: Tips & Tricks to get and stay healthy" (Physical Wellness)

----- "Leaky Gut... a trendy new health phrase or something more?" (Nutrition / Digestion)

HEDDEN-WELCH, KIMBERLY: "The Need for Alternative Options in Workplace Crisis Situations" (About You Define Wellness)

HUDSON, CARLY: "A Conversation with Carly Hudson: Chiropractor, Mom to a toddler, Business Owner & host of her own Podcast" (Physical Wellness)

IGOE, KRISTA: "Anxiety, Grief, Trauma, Abuse... How Reiki Makes a Difference" (Energy Healing)

JOHNSON, LIZZIE: "Taking Back your Life from Chronic Pain" (Physical Wellness)

JOLLY, MICHELLE: "Quick Easy Healthy Lunch Demo" (Nutrition / Digestion)

KARIS, JOHN: "An Introduction to BodyTalk... tapping in to the body's own inner intelligence" (Physical Wellness)

KEMPER, RICHELLE: "Healthy Living Tip: Manifesting Goodness" (Healthy Living Tip)

KIER, GERRI: "Nutrition Philosophy... from an expert" (Nutrition / Digestion)

----- "Your Gut and Brain ARE Connected... So how is your digestion affecting the way your brain works?" (Nutrition / Digestion)

KOROTKIN, JULIE: "An Apple a Day... with Julie Korotkin" (Life Balance)

----- "From Panic to Peace: How to help your adult child succeed without pushing them away" (Relationships)

----- "The Need for Alternative Options in Workplace Crisis Situations" (About You Define Wellness)

LACKNER, CYNTHIA: "Stress Free Living" (Stress)

LANE, JULE: "Embrace each Moment: Transform Your Life" (Stress)

LAUGHLIN, LOREN: "A faith-based approach to mental health counseling" (Mental Health / Emotional Wellness)

LUCAS, JULIE: "Your Skin is your Largest Organ... why you should take care of it" (Physical Wellness)

LYNN, GAIL: "Cold & Flu Season: Remedies to ward off the nasty gremlins" (Physical Wellness)

MILLER, TAMI: "Nutrition Breakdown - Eating a Diet is not 'Dieting' " (Nutrition / Digestion)

MINER, ROBIN: "The Need for Alternative Options in Workplace Crisis Situations" (About You Define Wellness)

----- "What is Embodied Counseling?" (Mental Health / Emotional Wellness)

----- "What to Expect when you Walk through Our Door" (Mental Health / Emotional Wellness)

NEW, JORDAN: "Cold & Flu Season: How acupuncture can get you through the blahs" (Physical Wellness)

NORFOLK, WENDY: "You Deserve to Live the Life you Love" (Physical Wellness)

OKTABCOVA, DAGMAR: "Quantum Healing and Past Life Regression" (Intuitives, Psychics and More)

----- "Quantum Healing... What is it?" (Physical Wellness)

POTTER, JENTREY: "Living as the SHERO of your own Story" (Life Balance)

PRINZING, MARLENE: "Fixing Your Psycho-Somatic Conditions with Somatic Processing" (Physical Wellness)

----- "How Panic Lowers Your Immune System" (Physical Wellness)

----- "The experience of working with an intuitive" (Intuitives, Psychics and More)

RELIHAN, SUE: "Reducing Your Stress by Embracing Your Shame" (Stress)

REVELL, TRACY: "Thriving through Embodied Confidence" (Life Balance)

RIDLEY, CINDY: "Understanding the Heart Wall & Emotion Code" (Physical Wellness)

RIECHERT, JESSICA: "Concussions: Treatment options and re-gaining functionality" (Physical Wellness)

SANDERS, JAYNE: Author of "Twists Turns & Truths: The Life and Lines of a Master Scientific Hand Analyst" (Life Balance)

----- "Scientific Hand Analysis" (Life Balance)

SEITZ, KARYN: "A New You is Waiting Underneath your Pain" (Relationships)

SHARON, JIM & RUTH: "Give your Love Life some Love" (Relationships)

SHIMNIOK, RITA: Healthy Living Tip: Better, Deeper, More Healthful Sleep (Healthy Living Tip)

SIDDALL, MARY: "A Conversation with Mary Siddall: Life Coaching... her approach" (Life Balance)

SMITH, JULIE: Author of "Conquer Foot Pain" (Physical Wellness)

SMITHSON, GAIL: "Concussions: Treatment options and re-gaining functionality" (Physical Wellness)

SMITHSON, MELANIE: Author of "Stress Free in 30 Seconds: A Slightly Irreverent Approach to Navigating Life's Challenges" (Stress)

----- "Living in the Mystery: Bringing Spiritual and Mystical Experiences to Life" (Physical Wellness)

SMITH, LISA: "A Conversation with Lisa Smith... Colon Hydrotherapist Extraordinare!" (Physical Wellness)

STEIN, KARLY: "5 Simple Steps to Increase the Intimacy in your Relationship" (Relationships)

THORNBURG, SHARON: "An Introduction to Simplified Emotional Freedom Technique™" (Physical Wellness)

----- "Concussions: Treatment options and re-gaining functionality" (Physical Wellness)

TINDALL, MELOVE: "The Journey to a Passion for Hypnotherapy" (Mental Health / Emotional Wellness)

WAGNER, SHARI: "Engage Your Confidence Muscles: 5 steps to find your strength" (Physical Wellness)

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