Healthy Living Library – Speakers by Name

ADAMS, DENA - Seek Defeat Design, LLC

Healthy Living Tip: Delegating Jobs (Healthy Living Tip)

"Overcoming Life's Challenges with a Strong Faith" (Stress)

ASHER, ANNE - Posturally, LLC

"Working from Home without Pain" (Corporate Wellness / Success)

BARTA, MICHEL - Peace Bridge Reiki, LLC

"A passion for the healing energy of Reiki" (Energy Healing)

"What Happens in a Reiki Session?" (Energy Healing)

BASEL, KATHY - The Vitality Code, Inc.

"Stress, Overwhelm, Productivity & the Myth of Work-Life Balance" (Life Balance)

BAUMANN, MEGHAN - Transcend Healing

"A Conversation with Meghan Baumann: Get to know Meghan - a Fourth Degree Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher" (Energy Healing)

"Staytreat 2020 Closing Meditation" (Staytreat 2020)


"How to Handle a Detour in Llife" (Staytreat 2020)

"Working to help others become WELLthy People" (Life Balance)

BRAGG, BRIANA - Vacation of the Mind

"Meditation for Your Daily Life" (Life Balance)

"The Mind / Body Connection" (Staytreat 2020)

BRONE, LISA - Optimal Health & Wellness

"A Life of Longevity and Vitality... Reduce Your Risk of Cancer and other Chronic Diseases" (Physical Wellness)

"Concussions: Treatment options and re-gaining functionality" (Physical Wellness)

CALLAHAN, JANET - Good Vibrations Energy Studio

Healthy Living Tip: Water Bottle with a Boost (Healthy Living Tip)

CALVO, DIANA - Diana Calvo Coaching, LLC

Collaborating author of "Expect Miracles: 10 Beautiful Souls Share Stories of Hope, Inspiration & Transformation" by Sue Dumais (Mental Health / Emotional Wellness)

"Healing for Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers" (Relationships)

"My Story: From Survivor to Thriver" (Relationships)

CARNEY, LINDA - Your Path Forward, LLC

"Falling Forward... Turning your Pain into Purpose" (Life Balance)

Healthy Living Tip: De-Toxing Your Home (Healthy Living Tip)

"Linda's Story: Her Journey to Recover From Stress" (Physical Wellness)

"Toxicity in the Home" (Environmental Wellness)

"What to Expect when you Walk through our Door" (Physical Wellness)

CARTON, KEVIN - KC Coaching, Inc.

"Standing Firm While your World is Shaking" (Staytreat 2020)

"Your Purpose is The Answer" (Life Balance)

CHESNUT, BROOKE - Brooke Chesnut, Inc.

"Engaging Employees: From the Millennials on Up" (Corporate Wellness / Corporate Success)

CORDOVA, ANISSA - Anissa M. Cordova, PhD

"Working with First Responders and others Impacted by Trauma" (Mental Health / Emotional Wellness)

COLE, RACHEL - Serenity Remedies CBD

"Concussions: Treatment options and re-gaining functionality" (Physical Wellness)

COLEY, JENNILYNNE - Access Your Genius

"Unveiling the Mysteries of CBD for your Health" (Physical Wellness)

CONWAY, HEATHER - Intuitive Balance Acupuncture

"Acupuncture... It's more than you may think it is" (Physical Wellness)

COURTRIGHT, BRETT - HiQ Health Solutions, LLC

"Understanding your Illness, Prescriptions, and a Path to Wellness" (Physical Wellness)

DELUISI, TIFFANY - More than Healed with Tiffany DeLuisi

"Understanding your Gut Type & Healing Leaky Gut" (Nutrition / Digestion)

DRAVIS-PARRISH, MARY - Simple Strategies for Family Living

Author of "Empowered Parents Empowering Kids" (Relationships)

"Does Parenting Stress You Out?" (Relationships)

"Stress-Free Parenting" (Relationships)

"This is My Story..." (Relationships)

EASTON, ZITA - Grace Filled Nutrition, LLC

"The Gut-Brain Axis Microbiome and the Link to Poor Sleep, Anxiety and Mood" (Nutrition / Digestion)

ENGELKE, KRISTEN - Soul-utions Coaching

"A Conversation with Kristen Engelke - Spiritual Guide and author of Bliss Breaks" (Life Balance)

FRANK, TRACY - Essential Oil Support by Tracy Frank

"Peace of Mind: What are you REALLY cleaning with?" (Staytreat 2020)

FROST, SIERRA - Invitation Wellness

"How to Use Compassion to Transform Your Health" (Mental Health / Emotional Wellness)

"The Need for Alternative Options in Workplace Crisis Situations" (About You Define Wellness)

GLITZER, STEPHEN - Uninhibited Wellness

"A Conversation with Coach Glitz - Certified Health, Wellness & Life Coach, Chef, Author & Speaker" (Nutrition / Digestion)

GOLICIC, SUSAN - Uninhibited Wellness

"Adventure: your Passport to Inspired Living" (Life Balance)

Author of "Adventure: your Passport to Inspired Living" (Life Balance)

"Every Event Can Be an Adventure" (Life Balance)

GOULD, DENA - Light of Mine, LLC

"Embrace Your Inner Light and Finally Be Enough!" (Intuitives, Psychics & More)

GREEN, PEGGY - Whole Body Fitness & Juice Plus (sponsor)

"Juice Plus... for whole body health" (Nutrition / Digestion)

"Working with a Personal Trainer" (Physical Wellness)

GREER, ANDREW - Colorado Colonics & Detox Center

"Stress Reduction with Sound and Vibrations" (Stress)

GULLICKSON, JULIE - Optimal Potential Thinking, LLC

"Intention Setting" (Staytreat 2020)

GUY, PHYLLIS - Natural Body Wisdom

"Fuel Your Body... and eat to your specific individuality" (Nutrition / Digestion)

HAHN, JUDY - Hahn Holistic Health, LLC

"Supporting our Silent Defender - Our Immune System" (Staytreat 2020)

HARVEY ALEXANDER, SHARON - Mountain Wisdom Wholistic Health, LLC

Author of "Learning to Breathe, Learning to Live: Simple Tools to Alleviate Stress and Invigorate your Life." (Life Balance)

"Breathe as if Inspired by Life... and Thrive!" (Life Balance)

"Breathing for Better Health" (Life Balance)

"How to Inspire Calm & Focus in the Midst of Chaos" (Staytreat 2020)

"What to Expect When you Walk Through our Door" (Life Balance)

HAUGH, KELLY - Manifest Natural Wellness

"Cold & Flu Season: Tips & Tricks to get and stay healthy" (Physical Wellness)

"Leaky Gut... a trendy new health phrase or something more?" (Nutrition / Digestion)

HEDDEN-WELCH, KIMBERLY - Lightbody Holistic Healing

"The Need for Alternative Options in Workplace Crisis Situations" (About You Define Wellness)

HUDSON, CARLY - Healing Ground Chiropractic Care

"A Conversation with Carly Hudson: Chiropractor, Mom to a toddler, Business Owner & host of her own Podcast" (Physical Wellness)

HUGGETT, PATRICIA - Best Version of YOU Health Coaching

"How - and Why - to Compost" (Staytreat 2020)

IGOE, KRISTA - Karigo Healing Arts, LLC

"Anxiety, Grief, Trauma, Abuse... How Reiki Makes a Difference" (Energy Healing)

JOHNSON, LIZZIE - The Holistic Hummingbird, LLC

"Taking Back your Life from Chronic Pain" (Physical Wellness)

JOLLY, MICHELLE - Healthy Horizons Coaching, LLC

"Quick Easy Healthy Lunch Demo" (Nutrition / Digestion)

KALSOW, NANCY - Kalsow Coaching & Consulting, LLC

"Positively Contagious" (Staytreat 2020)

"Why Dream Now?" (Staytreat 2020)

KARIS, JOHN - Quantum Health, Ltd.

"An Introduction to BodyTalk... tapping in to the body's own inner intelligence" (Physical Wellness)

"Self Healing Through the Body's Innate Intelligence" (Staytreat 2020)

KEMPER, RICHELLE - Be Strong & Confident

"Energy Upgrades in our Time Sacred Changes" (Staytreat 2020)

"Healthy Living Tip: Manifesting Goodness" (Healthy Living Tip)

KIER, GERRI - Complete Nutrition Alliance

"Nutrition Philosophy... from an expert" (Nutrition / Digestion)

"Your Gut and Brain ARE Connected... So how is your digestion affecting the way your brain works?" (Nutrition / Digestion)

KOROTKIN, JULIE - Evolve Journey

"An Apple a Day... with Julie Korotkin" (Life Balance)

"From Panic to Peace: How to help your adult child succeed without pushing them away" (Relationships)

"The Need for Alternative Options in Workplace Crisis Situations" (About You Define Wellness)

LACKNER, CYNTHIA - Stress Free Living through Emotional Brain Training

"Stress Free Living" (Stress)

LANE, JULE - Puzzle Over Me, LLC

"Embrace each Moment: Transform Your Life" (Stress)

"Intention Setting" (Staytreat 2020)

LAUGHLIN, LOREN - Abounding Heart Counseling, PLLC

"A faith-based approach to mental health counseling" (Mental Health / Emotional Wellness)

LAWSON, TRACY - Maha Soul Yoga & Healing Center

"Intention Setting" (Staytreat 2020)

LUCAS, JULIE - Skin Sense 101

"Your Skin is your Largest Organ... why you should take care of it" (Physical Wellness)

LYNN, GAIL - Life Center

"Cold & Flu Season: Remedies to ward off the nasty gremlins" (Physical Wellness)

MILLER, TAMI - Sage Nutrition Coaching, Inc.

"Nutrition Breakdown - Eating a Diet is not 'Dieting' " (Nutrition / Digestion)

MINER, ROBIN - Robin Miner, LLC

"The Need for Alternative Options in Workplace Crisis Situations" (About You Define Wellness)

"What is Embodied Counseling?" (Mental Health / Emotional Wellness)

"What to Expect when you Walk through Our Door" (Mental Health / Emotional Wellness)

NEW, JORDAN - New Vibes Health & Acupuncture

"Cold & Flu Season: How acupuncture can get you through the blahs" (Physical Wellness)

NORFOLK, WENDY - LuminantLiving, LLC

"You Deserve to Live the Life you Love" (Physical Wellness)

OKTABCOVA, DAGMAR - The Spiritual Healer

"Quantum Healing and Past Life Regression" (Intuitives, Psychics and More)

"Quantum Healing... What is it?" (Physical Wellness)

PEDERSEN, JILL - Jill's Meal & Kitchen Solutions

"Safe at Home Cooking Demo & Tips" (Staytreat 2020)

POTTER, JENTREY - Jentrey Potter Coaching

"Living as the SHERO of your own Story" (Life Balance)

PRINZING, MARLENE - The Prinzing Method™

"Fixing Your Psycho-Somatic Conditions with Somatic Processing" (Physical Wellness)

"How Panic Lowers Your Immune System" (Physical Wellness)

"The experience of working with an intuitive" (Intuitives, Psychics and More)

RADTKE, KAREN - Integral Health Solutions

"Strategies for Calming & Grounding: Breath Work and QiGong Meditation" (Staytreat 2020)

RELIHAN, SUE - Find Serenity & Empowerment

"Reducing Your Stress by Embracing Your Shame" (Stress)

REVELL, TRACY - Embodied Confidence

"Thriving through Embodied Confidence" (Life Balance)

RIDLEY, CINDY - Recalibrating Emotions

"Understanding the Heart Wall & Emotion Code" (Physical Wellness)

RIECHERT, JESSICA - Dr. Jessica M. Riechert, D.C.

"Concussions: Treatment options and re-gaining functionality" (Physical Wellness)

ROGERS, LINDSAY - Lindsay Lou Rogers

"Brain ? Benefits of Superfoods" (Staytreat 2020)

SALE, SHANE - Inner Light Shines

"What Should I Do?" (Staytreat 2020)

SANDERS, JAYNE - Purpose Wisdom

Author of "Twists Turns & Truths: The Life and Lines of a Master Scientific Hand Analyst" (Life Balance)

"Scientific Hand Analysis" (Life Balance)

SEITZ, KARYN - Karyn Seitz Relationship Counseling

"A New You is Waiting Underneath your Pain" (Relationships)

SHARON, JIM & RUTH - Energy for Life / Soulful Couples

"Give your Love Life some Love" (Relationships)

SHIMNIOK, RITA - Purely Living Wellness, LLC

Healthy Living Tip: Better, Deeper, More Healthful Sleep (Healthy Living Tip)

"Raising Your Vibration through Sound and Visualization" (Staytreat 2020)

SIDDALL, MARY - Balance My TrueSelf, LLC

"A Conversation with Mary Siddall: Life Coaching... her approach" (Life Balance)

SMITH, JULIE - Body Affects

Author of "Conquer Foot Pain" (Physical Wellness)

SMITH, LISA - Colorado Colonics & Detox Center

"A Conversation with Lisa Smith... Colon Hydrotherapist Extraordinare!" (Physical Wellness)

SMITHSON, GAIL: Smithson Clinic, Inc.

"Concussions: Treatment options and re-gaining functionality" (Physical Wellness)

SMITHSON, MELANIE: Smithson Clinic, Inc.

Author of "Stress Free in 30 Seconds: A Slightly Irreverent Approach to Navigating Life's Challenges" (Stress)

"Living in the Mystery: Bringing Spiritual and Mystical Experiences to Life" (Physical Wellness)

STEIN, KARLY: The Intimacy Connection, LLC

"5 Simple Steps to Increase the Intimacy in your Relationship" (Relationships)

SULLINS, SONYA: Disrupt to Discover ZaZaZu

"Get Rid of Belly Fat, Brain Fog & Burnout" (Staytreat 2020)

THOMSON, ROD: Imagine If Coaching & Consulting, LLC

"Creating and Setting Intent" (Staytreat 2020)

"Grounding, Centering & Energetic Protection" (Life Balance)

"Skin Tapping for Enhanced Breathing" (Stress)


"An Introduction to Simplified Emotional Freedom Technique™" (Physical Wellness)

"Concussions: Treatment options and re-gaining functionality" (Physical Wellness)

TINDALL, MELOVE: Inner Soundness

"The Journey to a Passion for Hypnotherapy" (Mental Health / Emotional Wellness)

TOMASSON, KATE: Inner Joy Awakenings, LLC

"Becoming More of Who you Are Takes Flow" (Staytreat 2020)

WAGNER, SHARI: Iron Clad Fitness

"Engage Your Confidence Muscles: 5 steps to find your strength" (Physical Wellness)

Healthy Living Library – Speakers by Name March 26, 2020

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