Feb 2022: WellFAIR / WellTALKS / WellWORKSHOPS Participation

People use the phrase “work/life balance.”  Work IS part of Life… so it doesn’t sound right to us.

We would say “Life Balance”… until one of the providers in our network suggested it should be “Life Harmony.”

Our next Well educational series is tentatively scheduled to begin February 17, 2022 and we’ve selected the theme “Life Harmony” with a focus on all eight dimensions of wellbeing.  For an understanding of WellFAIRs, WellTALKS, WellWORKSHOPS, select The WELL Series on the blue menu bar.

Using the form below, we are accepting indications of interest for speaking roles and ask that you craft topics based on this theme.

There's really only one rule for participation as a speaker/presenter:

You must be a Network Member from the time you sign up until the event.

Feb 2022: WellFAIR / WellTALKS / WellWORKSHOPS Participation August 14, 2021