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FAQs: LPD Levels

Frequently Asked Questions: Membership Level Benefits

Membership Levels:

Learn IT

Plan IT


What educational offerings are available?

We regularly host Master Classes, mini-Master Classes, summits, and roundtable events. Check our calendar for the latest offerings!

What are Master Classes?

Think of Master Classes as deep-dive learning experiences. Our network providers will from time-to-time create workshops and classes to learn more on a wide variety of subjects. Check our events calendar to see what's currently available.

What is the cost to attend a Master Class?

Many of our Master Class events are FREE with your membership. If a fee is being charged to the public, you will receive a special discount.

Mini-Master Class example:

How will I learn about events and how to register?

We have a private Facebook group that you will be invited to join OR check the calendar on our website.

What other benefits are available as a Member?

As a member, you'll have access to FREEBIES provided by our health & wellness experts, special events, and recordings of our Master Classes.

What is the Assessment?

We've created an Individual Wellbeing Assessment that asks questions in all eight dimensions of wellbeing: physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, social/belonging, intellectual, occupational and environmental.

With the complexity of the questions, and adding human expertise rather than an impersonal app, we can easily identify areas you may wish to prioritize working on.

Your honest answers on the Assessment will help your PathFinder guide you to hit your personal wellbeing goals. All responses are held in complete confidence and will not be shared with anyone.

How can I trust a PathFinder will understand my experience well enough to guide me?

This is an excellent question! Our PathFinders are independent health & wellness professionals from our network who are highly skilled in their area of expertise and have received additional training on the various types of modalities represented in our network. They will use their knowledge, your responses in the Assessment, and from your conversation to help guide you to the professionals who they feel can best serve you.

Can I meet with my PathFinder more than once per year?

Absolutely! Select the QUARTERLY option for accountability and check-in sessions with your PathFinder every quarter.

OR.... use 25 points to add sessions whenever you wish.

I don't want to complete the Assessment; can I still meet with a PathFinder to set my goals?

You can, but to get the most out of the conversation we recommend taking the Assessment so they have the best information to help guide you.

Can you explain what the points are?

Providers in our network have set their pricing and what they offer through You Define Wellness may be a special rate. We've taken their price and converted it into points that you can use towards services, coaching or even products they sell direct in their business. Typically this will not include products through MLM or network marketing distributors, although some may sell those products direct if they maintain an inventory.

Can't I just sign up for the LEARN IT level and pay the provider directly?

Of course you can. When you do this, it is up to the provider to decide if they will extend a discount. We always recommend being a smart consumer and doing what is best for you.

What the Do IT portion of our membership plan provides is convenience, locked in pricing, and ease.

Where do I find the services, coaching and products to spend my points?

Check the menu bar at the top of this page under Healthy Living Membership Plan or use the button below.

Can anyone in my family use my points?

Absolutely! Since you'll have to be logged in to our website to redeem points, we assume those doing so have your permission. Understand that the redemption confirmation will be in the name of the registered user.

I want to sign up for a service that is more than the points I have available. Is it possible to add more points?

Of course. Additional points can be purchased on the Members Only page.

Alternatively, talk to your provider about applying the points you have and paying the difference. We can process this manually but it does take some coordination from you, your provider and us.

Can I change my mind after redeeming my points?

All redemptions are final, but there may be a workaround for extenuating circumstances.

What happens to any remaining points I may have in my membership plan if I decide not to renew it the following year?

You will lose them or you can transfer them to another member on the Healthy Living Membership program. The request to transfer must come within 30 days after the end of your membership.

Other FAQs

Can I start at the LEARN IT level and upgrade to one of the other levels later in the year?

Yes you can! Contact us to update your membership.

I'm a public speaker on topics members might be interested in; can I be a guest speaker?

You must be a vetted provider in the You Define Wellness network to present at our events. If you'd like to learn more about joining our network, visit our provider information page!

My current providers are not in your network. What is your advice?

We understand not wanting to change from your current care providers and invite you to introduce them to us.

If your current coach / caregiver is an independent practitioner and meets our qualifications (most do), when they say 'Yes' to joining our network, we will credit your membership account with 5 points!

FAQs: LPD Levels May 21, 2022