FAQs: Employer / Workplace

The Healthy Living & Wellbeing Plan by You Define Wellness

Our decades-long experience in the employee benefit marketplace has taught us that employees fall into 4 categories that we call the CAN'Ts, SHAN'Ts, DON'Ts and WON'Ts. We know 24% of employees (CAN'Ts) will participate no matter what you offer. 5% believe they cannot participate due to some perceived reason (SHAN'Ts) and 10% simply WON'T.

Our focus is to increase participation in workplace wellness by focusing on the 61% who are DON'Ts.

DON'Ts are the employees who...

- DON'T like what you're offering for wellness;

- DON'T believe they have the time or the money;

- DON'T do anything to care for themselves; and/or,

- DON'T know where to get started.

Our Healthy Living and Wellbeing Plan is structured to support the steps involved in the process of change: LEARNing about new paths and becoming educated in wellbeing; PLANning through an assessment, goal setting and support through a qualified PathFinder; and taking action by DOing activities for healthy living.

We're an employee SELF-DIRECTED program for the workplace!

Unlike traditional workplace wellness programs, ours is a self-directed model freeing up time and effort from staff to find wellness options for your employees. "Just say 'Yes' and we do the rest!"

Frequently Asked Questions: Employer / Workplace

Can we buy the LEARN IT membership for our employees and award them points for services, coaching and products as an incentive program?

Absolutely! We can customize any options; just contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss what you need!

Can we schedule Education & Motivation programs exclusive to our workplace?

We would love to discuss this with you as it depends on group size, location (if in person), and other logistics.  Click here to schedule an appointment to discuss what you need!

We don't see many local providers in your network. Can you address this?

We have hundreds of providers in our network, not all of whom are listed in our directory, and thousands more we are connected with who are willing to join when they are confident we will have clients in their area (typically hands-on providers like massage therapists and chiropractors).  

When our conversations become serious about offering our healthy living & wellbeing plan to your employees, we will activate the local providers we know… but there’s something else we can do as well.  With your permission, we can poll your employees to find out who they currently work with and, if their provider meets our eligibility criteria, we will extend an invitation to them to join our network.  This process has worked very well in the past!

Can we offer your healthy living & wellbeing plan on a voluntary basis to our employees?

Of course; however, please review the next three FAQs below.

What is the minimum number of enrolled employees?

Five employees; exceptions can be made based on circumstances.

How much do we have to contribute?

It’s entirely up to you!  As long as your plan is not discriminatory, you can contribute how much you wish or have it be 100% voluntary.  For best engagement, we recommend at least 50% contribution.

If we payroll deduct the cost of the healthy living & wellbeing plan, can it be taken out pre-tax?

We have not requested an opinion from the Internal Revenue Service on this question and our advice is to not deduct it pre-tax as the majority of the services, coaching and products offered by our network providers are not Qualified Medical Expenses as defined in the Internal Revenue Code. We encourage you to consult with a tax advisors if you wish to deduct pre-tax.

Can we choose more than one plan to give our employees choice?

Absolutely!  Let’s talk about what you want to do.

Do you have a monthly payment option for the PLAN IT or DO IT plan levels?

Yes!  Both the Learn IT and Do IT portions can be payroll deducted and employees can select how many points they want to purchase each month.

The Plan IT level has a bit more complexity and requires strategic planning; schedule an exploratory meeting with us to learn more.

How do I add new employees or take employees off the plan?

Instructions will be provided to you upon contracting for our healthy living & wellbeing plan.

What happens with unused points when an employee terminates?

When an employee terminates employment or decides to cancel their membership in our plan, the value of unused points will be distributed as follows:

  • You Define Wellness will retain 1/3 of the remaining value for administrative expenses and giving back to the community.
  • 1/3 of the remaining value will be returned to the employer, it is up to you to determine if you send this balance to the employee.
  • 1/3 of the remaining value will be donated to a non-profit healing partner in the community; you have the right to designate your favorite charity.

Do you offer a 1-year rate guarantee?

Our Employer Agreements contain a 1-year rate guarantee.  However, our membership plans are designed in such a way that we do not anticipate increases in membership fees in the near (or far) future.

FAQs: Employer / Workplace May 21, 2022