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Assessment and PathFinders

ESC Wellness PathFinders (2)

One of our PathFinders will walk with you on this journey to provide support, insight, guidance, and answer your questions.

STEP 1: Take the Personal Development and Wellbeing Assessment

Our propriety assessment will not just help us guide you through this process, but it will provide valuable analytics that we need to secure grants and fundraising for future participants. Please help us help you by completing the assessment.

STEP 2: Select a PathFinder

Selecting the professional who will held guide you during the 12-months of this program can be overwhelming, that's why we provide the option "Assign a PathFinder" and we'll appoint one based on the information in your Individual Assessment.

We do encourage you, however, to find someone that resonates with you and the Condition, Issue or Need search filter on the right side of the PathFinder listings (click the feet at right) can help you by listing their specialties!

NOTE: 100 points will be deducted from your account for the assessment and PathFinder appointments.

Click the feet to view PathFinder profiles or to request one be assigned to you:

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ESC Wellness PathFinders March 3, 2022