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ESC Personal Development Program Quick Start

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CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to join the Entrepreneurial Success Consortium powered by The YOU Brand!

Your personal development is as important to the success of your business as is your product/service, infrastructure, marketing, and sales. Developing a strong mindset, team building, and leadership training, as well as personal self care skills, are just as critical to entrepreneurs so that you can dedicate the energy necessary for business success.

Our job at You Define Wellness, is to support you for the next twelve months by analyzing where you are today, identifying your personal goals and aspirations, developing a plan to meet those goals, with 1:1 support with an expert from our vetted network.

Discover the benefits available to you in the section below.

Personal Development Benefits

Upon enrollment in the ESC Personal Development program, you were awarded points to use towards the benefits below. You can access the Members Area by selecting "View Your Account" in the gray box above if you are logged into our website.

The first step in the Personal Development program is to complete an Assessment and select a PathFinder.

The assessment is an important tool to identify areas of need and interest, and will ask you many questions in the eight dimensions of wellbeing: Physical, Emotional, Financial, Social/Belonging, Spiritual, Intellectual, Occupational and Environmental. The results of your assessment will be used by our PathFinders in step two to help guide you in your journey.

One thing the assessment does not do is grade you. There will not be a score at the end to place you in categories, nor compare you to anyone else. The assessment merely helps identify where you're at today and areas to work on to get you to where you want to be.

Quarterly accountability and check-in sessions with a highly trained PathFinder

PathFinders at You Define Wellness are highly qualified professionals from our network who have additional training to help guide you through our vast offerings and help you select the coaching program(s) that will best support you.

Many of the PathFinders also offer coaching programs or personal services under the ESC Personal Development segment. While they may share with you their coaching program, never feel obligated to select them as a coach. In their PathFinder role, their commitment is to ensuring you select the best coaching program for your needs, wants, and goals.

After completion of the assessment, you will select a PathFinder or request we select one for you. You'll meet for 60-90 minutes virtually and create a plan for the next 12 months.

Approximately every three months, you'll meet again with your PathFinder for a check-in to see how you're doing, make adjustments in the coaching programs you've selected, and answer questions. They are also available between appointments via email, text, or phone.

ESC Wellness PathFinders (2)

We encourage you to engage in Personal Development and Wellbeing coaching programs every month during the course of your year program with ESC. This helps create life balance by building skills that will help you as an entrepreneur and in your personal life.

Your enrollment in the ESC Personal Development plan grants you a 'pot' of points to spend on coaching programs of your choice.

Your available points balance: 0

NOTE: 100 points are designated for the assessment and PathFinder appointments.

We're packing the Personal Development & Wellbeing program with additional benefits such as talks, workshops, and don't miss our FREEBIES section in the Find A Coach tab (or click the picture at right)!

Join us quarterly starting in the 3rd Q, 2022 for wellness education, explore wellbeing options with our Virtual Wellness Experience, and meet some of our coaches.

Beyond working with your PathFinder quarterly, the You Define Wellness administrative team stands ready to be of assistance to you! Reach out to us at if you have questions or need our help. While we may not respond in the evening, we are available on weekends.

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ESC Quick Start March 3, 2022