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If you are looking for new ideas to help employees live healthier lives, You Define Wellness is the unique, one-of-a-kind solution you’ve been looking for!

We created the You Define Wellness program to support employees when the healthy living activities they seek are not covered by traditional medical insurance.  Services like life coaching, fitness, and alternative medicine.  Click here for an overview of the process once you say “YES”.

We have several options available and all co-exist with your existing medical insurance!

Employees are critical to bottom line profitability! Dissatisfied clients, high turnover, unplanned absences, poor leadership and more are greatly impacted when employees are not happy, healthy & thriving... but many employees are overwhelmed with healthy living options and strategies!

This is why we created Pathways: a multi-dimensional Wellness @ Work option that includes for each enrolled employee:

- Semi-annual individual Wellbeing Assessments + FOUR one-on-one coaching sessions with a certified Wellness PathFinder

- Monthly choice of one personal healthy living service from our provider network (additional fee may apply on some services)

- Healthy Living Savings Card

For all employees:

Non-enrolled employees may participate for an additional fee. Ask for details.

- One group Wellness Talk per month

- Annual workplace Healthy Living Fair; free admission for enrolled employees to additional Healthy Living Fairs sponsored by us

Check out our simplified corporate solution: Wellness-in-a-Box. It's not a DIY corporate wellness program; you say "Yes" and we pretty much do the rest with monthly group wellness education and a Healthy Living Savings Card for each enrolled employee.

Only $193 per employee, per YEAR!

For a low cost solution:


Education for Workplace or Community Groups

Our vetted network providers are the experts in healthy living… and have created educational programs for workplace or community groups.

We have dozens of topics available covering all eight dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, intellectual and environmental!

Classes are available at your worksite depending on COVID-19 restrictions or even via worldwide webinars.

Let's talk!

We created programs that have not previously been available in the workplace and we understand you may have questions.

All of our programs are customizable to meet your needs; if you do not see what you want, simply ask. We have the power of an extensive network of passionate health & wellness professionals to tap into and make your corporate wellness vision a reality.

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