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Employer Guide to LEARN It, PLAN It, DO It

Employer Guide to LEARN It, PLAN It, DO It

Thank you for requesting the Employer Guide for our employee benefit plan for healthy living. Click the picture below to view/download the guide.

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We created programs that have not previously been available in the workplace and we understand you may have questions.

All of our programs are customizable to meet your needs; if you do not see what you want, simply ask. We have the power of an extensive network of passionate health & wellness professionals to tap into and help make your corporate wellness vision a reality.

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The simplest solution...

The Healthy Living Savings Card by You Define Wellness is the EASIEST and most COST EFFECTIVE way to support employees in their quest of living happy, healthy & thriving lives!

  • Discounts on health & wellness products & services;
  • FREE admission to semi-annual WellFAIRS and WellTalks by You Define Wellness;
  • 50% savings on WellWORKSHOPS by You Define Wellness.

The Healthy Living Savings Card is a ONE-TIME EXPENSE, never expires, and can be used by all family members.

Employer Guide to LEARN It, PLAN It, DO It January 7, 2022