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Welcome to an employee benefit plan where the definition of 'wellness' is defined by you!

‘Wellness’ is traditionally understood as eat the right foods, drink water, don’t put things in your body that are harmful, and get movement/exercise.  We do too, but we also know that ‘wellness’ is so much more.  We believe that activities you do that lower your stress level and help you find balance in your life also constitute ‘wellness’… and that is why we offer over 100 modalities/specialties for you to experience!

How the Plan Works

Our Provider Directory houses an extensive selection of wellness services; some are offered 100% for free with the presentation of a YDW session, some have a fee you will pay at time of service and are clearly listed. If you have any questions on how the plan works, please contact us.

If you are on the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan through your employer, you will be credited with one session every month or every-other-month (depending on your plan). These will be placed in a holding account for your use. Each session will expire in 90 days; if you need to accrue sessions to pay for more expensive services, you can Apply to Accrue Sessions which will stop the expiration clock until the end of your plan year.  Watch for an email each month that contains a valuable authorization code to use your service.

If you have received a gift certificate, please read the instructions on the certificate.  You are entitled to one wellness session of your choice from our provider directory and there are 100’s to choose from.  Many services are 100% free of charge, but some require a reduced fee at time of service and are clearly marked.  You can easily search our provider directory for a list of the free/included services to select from.

You may know exactly what you want to do and are ready to go! If this is you, visit the area located below left.

If you don’t know where to start, visit the area located below right.

In the bottom section will be the tools you need to fully enjoy the You Define Wellness! plan.  If you need our help, contact us.

I'm ready to get started!

Do you know the types of wellness services you want to explore?

  • Check out our Provider Directory for practitioners in your area of interest.
  • Call your selected provider and schedule an appointment.
    • Make sure you tell the provider you are on the You Define Wellness plan and give them your valid authorization code.
  • Present to the provider any fees due at time of service along with the email notification you received with authorization code and expiration date.
    • If you do not have this information, then request an Authorization for Services; we will respond with your authorization code via email and also connect with your selected provider to ensure a smooth experience.

I need someone to talk to

Whatever your reason, you may not know where to start, and that’s okay.  Our Wellness PathFinders do just what their title implies… they help people find their path to wellness activities.

Our Wellness PathFinders will be at your company’s enrollment meeting for a brief consultation, but longer one-on-one appointments can be scheduled by using one YDW session credit to discuss your individual needs.

For more information, follow the link below.

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Authorizing a Session

At each wellness appointment, you MUST present an authorization code for services.  Members on our Employee Wellness Benefit Plan through the workplace will receive an email with this information each time a session is earned.

In the event the email was not received, was misplaced, or is otherwise unavailable, you can request the authorization code using an online form via the button below. Please complete this form in its entirety.  We will respond via email with your authorization code within 24 hours and further instructions (if necessary).

For same day requests, email ClientCare@YouDefineWellness.com or call 303.222.7168, ext. 700.  Our goal is to respond the same day.

Apply to Accrue Sessions

We understand the desire to accrue sessions so that you can use multiple sessions to reduce the cost of higher priced wellness services.

On our plan, sessions expire after 90 days meaning the most you can accrue at any given time are three sessions.

There is an exception!

We will hold expiring your sessions for up to 12 months per session IF – and ONLY if – you have submitted a request to us. NOTE: We will not retroactively reinstate previously expired sessions.

All you have to do is complete the form below and we will be in touch with you.

Adding your Provider to the Network

If your current wellness practitioners are not part of our network… INTRODUCE US! Our program is designed to support independent wellness providers and we’d love to show them why accepting You Define Wellness! is a good business decision.

Employee / Member Information April 28, 2017

Upcoming Events

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