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Elderberry: What’s all the buzz?

Elderberry seems to be everywhere…extract, powder, tea, tablets, you name it.   Why? Because it helps boost your immunity naturally.  Some think it is a magic berry for a number of ailments.  I have tended to stand on my soapbox about protecting your immunity and for good reason.  For two years now I’ve been talking about how to boost immunity and protect it.

Overall, elderberry is a nutrient that has a great many benefits and uses:·        

  • Immune booster – A good source of vitamin C. 100 grams
    of elderberries can contain up to 35 mg of vitamin C, accounting for up to 60%
    of the recommended daily intake.
  • Cancer fighter – Based on the nutrient called anthocyanins that have anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic activity.
  • Cold and flu fighter – Elderberry has antiviral and antibacterial potential.
  • Heart health – Flavonoids may reduce cholesterol and cardiovascular risk.
  • Reduces oxidative stress – Because of the key antioxidants elderberry contains.

In 2020 we ended up in a Covid pandemic and needing to learn more about our health and especially our immune
health.  There is no time like the present to be paying attention to how you can personally boost your immunity.  There are no excuses.  You are in control of your health, no one else. 

Where to look?  There are a number of immune health options at my website.  Search for immune health.  You can drink, swallow, and chew your way to better immunity.   It’s super easy to be taking better care of yourself now and in the future. 

By Rhonda Bolich-Lampo | Health and Lifestyle Coach with Shaklee |

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