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There are two ways to request a class offered by You Define Wellness providers. You can reach out to the instructor directly, or hire You Define Wellness and we'll do all the work!

When you choose to go direct to one of our network providers, You Define Wellness will not be involved. It's up to you to negotiate any fees and coordinate logistics with the instructor. You can link to the providers' profile and contact information by clicking on their business name.

To have You Define Wellness handle all arrangements for you, including a participants evaluation form at the conclusion of the class, click REQUEST THIS CLASS! We invest 2-3 hours of our time in pre- and post-class activities; as such, You Define Wellness charges a $250 coordination fee for classes up to 40 participants... it's like adding a Wellness Education Coordinator to your staff for only $250 per month! Some classes may have an additional provider fee and are so indicated. Save 20% with the Healthy Living Savings Card!

Please note: You Define Wellness network providers have the right to decline any onsite wellness education class for any reason including geographical distance from their business location. Contact You Define Wellness or the instructor directly should you have any questions.

3 Easy Techniques to Reduce Stress

We all want to experience an optimal quality of life. Happy memorable experiences usually coincide with the rare times we fully feel alive, when we are captivated by the present moment. The three skills learned in this class will help you keep centered and productive. These skills work, they're easy to learn, and they're always within reach.

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Busting High Blood Sugar

This 1 hour class, presented by Karen Radtke, Holistic Nurse Practitioner, gives an overview of the metabolic factors that contribute to insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and diabetes. We also discuss how to reverse diabetes with a whole food, plant strong diet.

Clear the Blear: Mind-Body Wellness @ Your Computer

An additional fee applies with the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan

Available as Long Distance Learning

Learn at-the-desk holistic techniques for overcoming pain, drain & brain fog that comes with a desk job.

Defy your Genetics; Live Wildly Grounded!

Available as Long Distance Learning

Learn why genetics do not rule your health, how to reverse chronic disease and how to get younger - cellularly - to live your best life!

Enhancing Child Wellness Through Animal-Assisted Interventions

We know spending time with animals is good for our health but did you know they can heal our mind, body, and spirit? Learn how children (and adults!) can improve their social, emotional and physical well-being by working with a therapy dog or their family dog.

Food is Medicine

This 1 hour presentation by Karen Radtke, Holistic Nurse Practitioner, discusses how food affects us mentally and physically, and how the wrong foods lead to internal inflammation. We also discuss how a whole food, plant strong diet can lead to optimal health.

'Healthy Living' is a Journey... not a Destination: Finding the right path for YOU!

Available as Long Distance Learning

The pursuit of wellness or healthy living is not a race or competition... it's an individual process. A process of identifying personal goals and aligning those with individual needs, wants and desires. In this class we'll explore how to identify what it is we want, and then how to find the people who can help us achieve it!

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Healthy Lunchtime Fajitas in 20 minutes? YUM!

Materials fee may apply with the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan

Yes, you CAN have a healthy lunch in less time than it takes to get fast food. Jill Pedersen will prepare fajitas onsite while teaching and sharing how to cook clean, healthy meals in minutes by using real food and Epicure brand food ingredients.

How CBD Products are Made... and what to look for when buying them

Green Owl Wellness provides an educational session describing common production methods for CBD products, and red flags to look for when purchasing them.

In the Kitchen: Menu Planning

Food is fuel, and learning how to eat what's good for us can seem elusive. We start with the basics and map out 2 weeks of lunches and dinners with meals that span world cuisine. Learn how to efficiently shop and prep healthy meals to help you function at your best.

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Kiss Those Sugar Blues Good-bye

Additional Fee Applies

Available as Long Distance Learning

To succeed in eliminating sugar-cravings from your life, it helps to understand your chemistry and digestive health. Join Katy Wallace, Traditional Naturopath of Human Nature, to discuss how to resolve nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in gut flora in order to feel your best. She'll share simple tips to incorporate into daily life for best results.

Leadership IS Contagious

Everyone IS a leader, whether in alignment with your company vision/values or not. Your employees will choose to follow those they are drawn to, whether or not they are your best leaders. Your company is only as strong as your weakest “link” (aka employees). Build a team of great leaders through the exploration of 12 elements of great leaders and the shift taking place for the future of the workplace based on recent Gallup research.

Nancy Kalsow, CLC, CPC, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Kalsow Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Black Earth, WI

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are proven strategies to reduce stress, but did you know there are many different styles of each? Utilizing our network of wellness professionals, we will introduce your staff to various methods that they can implement into their daily lives. Class includes an introduction to the philosophies the instructor utilizes along with a group meditation/mindfulness exercise.

This is designed to be a 12-month commitment with a separate fee per month but can be customized to meet your needs.

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Meridians, Mindfulness and Movement

Experience more ease, flow and energy in your body through exercises designed to open energetic and structural restrictions. Learn techniques to address discomfort along your spine from both an eastern and western medicine philosophy. Participate in a seated, body centered mindfulness practice and bring calm and balance to your body and mind from head to toe!

Move Your Body

Learn how to move your body to wake up and feel the beat of the music. In this Dancing Yoga Class, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a guided meditation, do some basic yoga moves.

Salsa Yoga

A dynamic mix of meditation, body alignment, yoga and salsa dance, ending with savasana.

Second Hand Snoring: Effects and Solutions

Available as Long Distance Learning

Snoring is costly because it leads to sleepiness, decreased productivity, and increased workplace drama. Are there simple things you can do to stop snoring? You BET!

Shirley & Patrick Gutkowski

Primal Air, LLC

Sun Prairie, WI

Support for Military and Their Loved Ones

Available as Long Distance Learning

ABB Consulting, LLC engages organizations and groups to help work through unique situations involving military members and their families. Support sessions are offered to provide an opportunity to connect with someone who has decades of experience in both areas and can offer a different level of support than many other programs.

Angela Becker-Bradley

ABB Consulting, LLC

Middleton, WI

The Insomniac's Guide to Better Sleep

Contracting company is asked to copy handouts (provided beforehand) and provide paid parking if in downtown Madison, WI.

Creating a bedroom environment that promotes sound sleep.

What's your Life Saver?

Most employees want to show up feeling balanced to be effective. Exercise, healthy meals, socializing, creative pursuits, and quiet time to rest all stabilize our quality of life but too often are pushed aside amidst the business of our lives. Learn how to prioritize every day in as little as 15 minutes to feel restored and renewed. This talk explores the topic of nourishing yourself as a way to be more effective and balanced.

Network providers

Your Cells are Vibrating

Available as Long Distance Learning

Learn why the vibrational frequency of your food, your environment, music, and especially emotions is critical to your health and joy. Then learn how to take control of those vibrations.

Education WI Madison October 28, 2019