Education LDL Stress

Long Distance Learning - De-Stress, Meditation, Mindfulness

Shake, Shout, and Breathe Away Anxiety and Overwhelm!

This program is perfect for one in a private setting, or for a whole group at work, or off-site.
Engage with simple, no cost tools designed to calm and center and banish stress. Instantly transform stress and strain into joy. Elevate well- being in body, mind, and emotions, too.

The instructor for this class is a Professional Yoga Therapist, Holistic Stress Management Educator , Reiki Energy Healer, and Author.

Stress Free Living!

In this class, you will learn new skills and tools to diminish stress. You will be able to manage difficult co-workers, bosses, and supervisors, while insulating yourself from emotional attacks, that often derail self-confidence and well-being. Increase your Emotional IQ and become more self-aware using the 5-point Brain State skills of Emotional Brain Training, an evidence based program created at the University of California, San Francisco, Medical School.

Visualize Vitality

Participants of this class have an opportunity to relax and move into a deep meditative state during which they will enjoy a journey of visioning themselves living with a sense of vitality, health, and well-being. Ultimately, class members walk away with a vision and beginnings of a pathway that will lead them to a life of Holistic Well-Being.

Julie Korotkin

Evolve Journey

Education LDL Stress October 28, 2019