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Long Distance Learning - Physical Body, Healing Modalities, Pain Management

7 Easy Steps to Discovering your Work/Life Balance

This is an interactive presentation where participants will walk away with an action plan in 7 areas of wellness: spiritual, mental, physical, financial, family, social and career.

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Peggy Green

Whole Body Fitness

Defy your Genetics; Live Wildly Grounded!

Learn why genetics do not rule your health, how to reverse chronic disease and how to get younger - cellularly - to live your best life!

Rachel Seltzner, ND

Wildly Grounded Health, LLC

Engage Your Confidence Muscles


Steps you can take to easily incorporate exercise into your daily life;
Learn all the ways people can benefit from strength training; emotional, physical, metabolic and more; Implement simple daily changes to improve your quality of life;
How to always get the most out of your exercise routine; and,
Use exercise as the best practice of self-care.

Shari Wagner

Iron Clad Fitness

'Healthy Living' is a Journey... not a Destination: Finding the right path for YOU!

The pursuit of wellness or healthy living is not a race or competition... it's an individual process. A process of identifying personal goals and aligning those with individual needs, wants and desires. In this class we'll explore how to identify what it is we want, and then how to find the people who can help us achieve it!

Denise O'Malley

Wellness Connections

Live Your Best Life: Lifestyle Choices for Vitality & Longevity

Learn how to decrease your risk of chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s by making smart lifestyle choices. Heredity actually has very little to do with these diseases. Your lifestyle choices in diet, exercise, management of stress, sleep habits, quality of relationships and social support is key to your vitality and overall health.

Qigong Basics: The 8 Brocades

The 8 Brocades is a classic warm up for deeper practice that will strengthen your core, clear your mind, and calm your nervous system in a 15-minute routine.

Carol Braverman, LAc, MS, Dipl. OM

Mountaintop Acupuncture

Reiki for Everyday Benefit

What, exactly, IS Reiki? What is a session like? How would the average person benefit by Reiki? I tailor this talk to everyday life. I explain the physics of Reiki and how raising one's vibration creates a positive ripple effect in your life. When we heal on a body, mind, spirit level we create many positive changes in our lives

Strong Body, Strong Business

Strength training isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling great in your body and in your mind. Strength training is a powerful stress reliever and mood enhancer, as it releases the endorphins in the brain; the feel-good and relaxing hormones like serotonin and dopamine. Strength training is also very empowering and it increases productivity and confidence. Learn from real-life examples of people who gained independence and confidence because of their physical strength.

Strength training makes our bodies more metabolically active because of the lean muscle we build. Many people experience positive hormonal changes and we preserve our bone density as we age. Of course, there are also the fat loss benefits that can be experienced from strength training. Learn some of the best ways to incorporate strength training into your exercise regimen.

Shari Wagner

Iron Clad Fitness

When Too Much Healing Can Be Harmful

Alternative healing is all the rage, but when is it too much? In this class, Gail Lynn will share how to responsibly use alternative healing and answer your questions.

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Gail Lynn

Life Center

Your Cells are Vibrating

Learn why the vibrational frequency of your food, your environment, music, and especially emotions is critical to your health and joy. Then learn how to take control of those vibrations.

Mary Crawford

The Joy of Being Well

Education LDL Body and Modalities October 28, 2019