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There are two ways to request a class offered by You Define Wellness providers. You can reach out to the instructor directly, or hire You Define Wellness and we'll do all the work!

When you choose to go direct to one of our network providers, You Define Wellness will not be involved. It's up to you to negotiate any fees and coordinate logistics with the instructor. You can link to the providers' profile and contact information by clicking on their business name.

To have You Define Wellness handle all arrangements for you, including a participants evaluation form at the conclusion of the class, click REQUEST THIS CLASS! We invest 2-3 hours of our time in pre- and post-class activities; as such, You Define Wellness charges a $250 coordination fee for classes up to 40 participants... it's like adding a Wellness Education Coordinator to your staff for only $250 per month! Some classes may have an additional provider fee and are so indicated. Save 20% with the Healthy Living Savings Card!

Please note: You Define Wellness network providers have the right to decline any onsite wellness education class for any reason including geographical distance from their business location. Contact You Define Wellness or the instructor directly should you have any questions.

3 Keys to Empowered Living

What if living an empowered life were as easy as ABC? Learn the 3 elements that take you from reacting to life situations to beneficial responses that build confidence at home and at work. Participants will leave with 3 key elements that can be implemented immediately to bring about positive change.

3 Secrets to End Yelling, Demands, and Disrespect

Experience and learn essential joy-filled tools and techniques to release physical and emotional tensions and create positive behavioral changes. Discover a novel approach to feeling the joy in your heart, access your inner cellular pharmacy, open your lungs and ventilate your spirit, and much more. Prepare to get a healthy D.O.S.E. of happiness (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotoin, Endorphins) coming straight out of your own inner cellular pharmacy and no negative side effects!

'Healthy Living' is a Journey... not a Destination: Finding the right path for YOU!

Available for long distance learning

The pursuit of wellness or healthy living is not a race or competition... it's an individual process. A process of identifying personal goals and aligning those with individual needs, wants and desires. In this class we'll explore how to identify what it is we want, and then how to find the people who can help us achieve it!

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Increase Participation in Wellness Programs by Understanding the 4 Types of Employees:

The CAN'Ts, the SHAN'Ts, the DON'Ts and the WON'Ts!

This program is always FREE! See the description for more information.

Available for long distance learning

You don't have to be a mind-reader to implement wellness initiatives that will woo your staff... you just have to think outside the box and understand the four types of employees: the CAN'Ts, the SHAN'Ts, the DON'Ts and the WON'Ts. Denise O'Malley will share tips and tricks to turn boring, ho-hum wellness education classes into "Can't Miss" events!

This class is designed for business owners, human resource staff and wellness committee members.

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Denise O'Malley, Founder

You Define Wellness

Centennial, CO

Laugh Your Way to Health

Happy parents make for happy employees. Giving parents these 3 secrets can bring about more ease and joy at home, reducing the amount of stress they bring to the workplace. AND these same 3 secrets will work to develop better relationships at work too. Everyone could use some help managing the demands of everyday life.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are proven strategies to reduce stress, but did you know there are many different styles of each? Utilizing our network of wellness professionals, we will introduce your staff to various methods that they can implement into their daily lives. Class includes an introduction to the philosophies the instructor utilizes along with a group meditation/mindfulness exercise.

This is designed to be a 12-month commitment with a separate fee per month but can be customized to meet your needs.

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The Relationship that Will Make or Break Everything

Available for long distance learning

This class is on gaining an inner awareness of how you impact your environment. It's important to understand how your relationship with yourself impacts your job, relationships in the work place, and your ability to grow within your job. Gaining an inner awareness ignites the desire to own your responsibilities, stop blaming others, and getting brutally honest with yourself so you can discover what you need to change to reach new heights. There will always be those that will not change and don't believe they need to. You can't do anything about that but you can learn more about yourself so you can navigate interactions more effectively.

Over all, this allows, not only you as an individual, but everyone as a team, to created a more positive and successful work environment. What's better is it is something you can take with you into all areas and relationships in your life.

When a Game Changer Happens, Are You Ready?

Additional fee applies

Available for long distance learning

Rhonda Bolich-Lampo is the Owner and Founder of The WELLthy People. Prior to 2017 Rhonda was a Health Coach and helped her clients make health and wellness product changes in their lives. As of 2017, Rhonda has expanded her business to include Health and Lifestyle Specialist, Speaking, and is now a published Author of God Winks and Miracles Happen. Rhonda helps her clients find more optimal health by avoiding setbacks. She teaches her audiences how to advocate for themselves or a loved one in our current healthcare climate. She addresses the level of stress and overwhelm we have in society today and how taking care of our mind, body, and soul helps us be prepared for when a game changer might happen in our lives. Rhonda coaches her clients to improve their health and lifestyle because if you don’t have your health, you don’t have a life or lifestyle.

Your Hands Never Lie!

How Scientific Hand Analysis Impacts Personal and Professional Success

Available for long distance learning

Would you like to be an even more effective leader and role model through deeper self-awareness and authenticity? Are you unfulfilled, burnt out, or feeling like something is missing? Would you like to increase the morale, engagement, and performance of your team? This class will present provocative details about why living true to your design and using your innate gifts, is the only way to genuine joy and fulfillment. Your instructor will also discuss the fascinating, life-changing technology of Scientific Hand Analysis, as featured in a FORBES article about her and the accuracy of her work. Our hands contain coded information like a blueprint that uncovers your life purpose, special gifts, blind spots/challenges, and much more. It is NOT palm-reading... therapists, coaches and even neurologists use this profound and complex tool.

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