Defining Wellness Confab 2019

How you define wellness is a personal decision… and we’re here to help you find your way with education from the experts!


Dena Adams

Seek Defeat Design, LLC

7/20: 9am MDT

Sharon Alexander

Mountain Wisdom Wholistic Health, LLC

7/27: 10am MDT

Michel Barta, RMT, M.Ed.

Peace Bridge Reiki, LLC

7/20: 2pm MDT

Kathy Basel

The Vitality Code, Inc.

7/18: 8am MDT

Meghan Baumann

Transcend Healing

7/18: 5pm MDT

Briana Bragg

Vacation of the Mind

7/24: 2pm MDT

Lisa Brone, MD

Optimal Health & Wellness

7/24: 1pm MDT

7/26: Noon MDT

Diana Calvo

Diana Calvo Coaching, LLC

7/25: 10am MDT

Linda Carney

Your Path Forward, LLC

7/27: Noon MDT

Kevin Carton

KC Coaching, Inc.

7/24: 4pm MDT

Rachel Cole

Serenity Remedies

7/26: Noon MDT

Tiffany DeLuisi

The Diet Break Up Mentor

7/18: 2pm MDT

Mary Dravis-Parrish

Simple Strategies for Family Living

7/25: 7pm MDT

Zita Easton

Grace Filled Nutrition, LLC

7/19: 10am MDT

Kristen Engelke, RScP

Soul-utions Coaching

7/17: 3pm MDT

Sierra Frost

Invitation Wellness

7/18: 7pm MDT

7/24: 10am MDT

Stephen Glitzer

Uninhibited Wellness

7/25: 11am MDT

Susan Golicic, PhD, CPIC

Uninhibited Wellness

7/18: Noon MDT

Andrew Greer

Colorado Colonics & Detox Center

7/20: 11am MDT

Kelly Haugh

Manifest Natural Wellness

7/25: 2pm MDT

Kimberly Hedden-Welch, MA, RMT

Lightbody Holistic Healing

7/24: 10am MDT

Carly Hudson, DC

Healing Ground Chiropractic Care

7/18: 4pm MDT

Krista Igoe

Karigo Healing Arts, LLC

7/26: 3pm MDT

Michelle Jolly

Healthy Horizons Coaching, LLC

7/19: Noon MDT

Gerri Kier

Complete Nutrition Alliance

7/24: Noon MDT

Julie Korotkin, LCSW, MBA

Evolve Journey

7/24: 10am MDT

7/25: Noon MDT

Cynthia Lackner, MA, CMHIMP

Stress Free Living through Emotional Brain Training

7/17: Noon MDT

Jule Lane

Puzzle Over Me, LLC

7/27: 9am MDT

Tami Miller

Sage Nutrition Coaching

7/17: 4pm MDT

Robin Miner, MACP

Robin Miner, LLC

7/24: 10am MDT

Jentrey Potter

Jentrey Potter Coaching

7/18: 1pm MDT

Marlene Prinzing, MA

The Prinzing Method™

7/17: 7pm MDT

Sue Relihan

Find Serenity & Empowerment

7/17: 2pm MDT

Tracy Revell

Embodied Confidence

7/24: 3pm MDT

Cindy Ridley

Recalibrating Emotions

7/20: 1pm MDT

Jessica Riechert, DC

Dr. Jessica M. Riechert, DC

7/26: Noon MDT

Jim Sharon, Ed.D. and Ruth Sharon, LPC, RYT

Soulful Couples

7/24: 7pm MDT

Lisa Smith

Colorado Colonics & Detox Center

7/20: 10am MDT

Gail Smithson, L.Ac.

Smithson Clinic, Inc.

7/26: Noon MDT

Melanie Smithson, MA, BC-DMT, LPC, Cht

Smithson Clinic, Inc.

7/18: 10am MDT

Karly Stein

The Intimacy Connection, LLC

7/26: 10am MDT

Sharon Thornburg

Sharon Thornburg – Access® Bars

7/26: Noon MDT

7/27: 11am MDT

Melove Tindall, CHT

Inner Soundness

7/19: 2pm MDT

Shari Wagner

Iron Clad Fitness

7/26: 2pm MDT

Confab Moderator:

Denise O'Malley, Founder


Katherine Sellery

International Association for Human Values

7/17: 5pm MDT

Suzanne Hanna & Nick Hemmert

Global Healing Collective

7/19: 11am MDT

Kathi McCarty

Meth Toxins Awareness Alliance

7/25: 3pm MDT

Defining Wellness Confab 2019 June 17, 2019