Do you REALLY know who you’re getting your care from? We do!

We’d like to share a story with you that reinforces why we vet our network providers including running a criminal background investigation.

In 2019, we were introduced to a health care professional who is on every single directory we can find.  This gentleman – we’ll call him Sam – is highly credentialed, has been in business for many years, and seemed to be someone we would very much want to be part of You Define Wellness.

Until we got to the part of the conversation about our vetting and due diligence process.

Sam paused for a moment, then said, “There’s something I should tell you about.  Several years ago one of my female clients misunderstood my actions and filed a lawsuit against me for inappropriate touching.  We settled and everything is good now, but it might come up in your background check and I felt it important to be upfront and honest about it.”

We love it when providers are honest about glitches in their background; it’s far better than us discovering things on our own… and we will.  A lawsuit alone isn’t enough for us to decline a provider; we will check out the story and its resolution to determine if the provider was at fault, what corrective measures have been put into place, and if there have been recurrences.  With this information we make our approval or decline decision.

While on the Zoom call with Sam, we Googled his name and sure enough we found the lawsuit.

What Sam had not told us is the lawsuit was a class action complaint from about 24 women!

Sam’s not in the You Define Wellness network, but he’s still listed on every other national directory we can find online… because they don’t vet their directory listors!

Our attorney wants us to share this disclaimer: just because someone is in our network is not a guarantee of anything other than we took a look at them at a point in time, and from time to time they have to reassert their background.  But we can promise you this… it’s more than most companies with lists of providers do!

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