Do you enjoy massage therapy? Reiki? Health Coaching? Want it as an employee benefit? Here’s how!

How much do you spend every year for massage therapy, holistic health care, coaching, mental health, fitness, yoga, etc.?  Studies show that 59 million Americans spend an estimated $30.2 BILLION every year, out-of-their pocket, on healthy living services not covered by other employee benefit programs!

Wouldn’t you prefer to have these covered through your employee benefits?

 There is a way!

In February, 2021, we launched a new employee benefit program for healthy living services called Pathways: Wellness@Work… it’s innovative, it’s life changing, and it’s affordable!

We offer more than 130 different types of healthy living services, the list at right is JUST A SAMPLING of what is available in Pathways!

Pathways offers…

  • Quarterly coaching sessions with a Wellness PathFinder;
  • Monthly sessions of your choice from any provider in our network;
  • Monthly workplace wellness education programs; and,
  • Annual Wellness Fairs!

Our growth is 100% based on referrals and introductions, which means we need YOUR help getting Pathways: Wellness@Work in front of corporate decision makers.

Simply provide this link to your boss and say…

“I’d really like you to consider an employee benefit program that will bring a great deal of value to my life.  You Define Wellness has launched a program for the healthy living activities and services I use to stay well. Would you check it out and see if it’s a fit for our business?”

Adopting a corporate wellness program that focuses on the individual – like Pathways: Wellness@Work – is smart business.  Happy, healthy & thriving employees directly contribute to bottom line increases in profitability! It’s a win for you, and a win for the company!  

As an added (financial) benefit to you, we offer a referral bonus paid monthly when the employer says “Yes!” and signs up!

If you’d like to learn more about Pathways, contact us

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