YDW Network Member Training: Setting up your Store

Welcome to the You Define Wellness provider network!  We’re excited to have you as a member of our family and look forward to building success together.

As you know, our platform is not just a business listing.  Our platform allows you to built a complete storefront to showcase you!

This education-on-demand program is designed to help you customize your ‘store’ and start adding products, services, articles and even videos to it.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Before you get started  - Preview
Unit 2 Definitions
Unit 3 Accessing the You Define Wellness dashboard for your store
Unit 4 A Cautionary note about Adding Pictures
Module 2 The Set Up
Unit 1 Customizing the Look
Unit 2 Adding Social Media Links
Unit 3 Telling your Story
Unit 4 Beefing up "ABOUT" with Videos
Unit 5 Adding Store Policies
Unit 6 Other Store Features
Module 3 Your Products and Services
Unit 1 Adding Products and Services
Unit 2 External / Affiliate Links
Module 4 E-Learning Courses
Unit 1 Existing E-Learning Courses
Module 5 Troubleshooting
Unit 1 'Add to Cart' Button
Unit 2 MIA in the Wellness Center
Unit 3 "Where's my Service/Article?"
Unit 4 MIA "How to Schedule Appointment"
Module 6 Getting Business Exposure
Unit 1 Adding Reviews to Your Store
Unit 2 Social Media Promotion
Unit 3 Contribute Articles to our Blog
Unit 4 Add a Speaker Sheet to your Store
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