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The Power to Change is in your Hands: Create a Manifestation Board

Many people create vision boards to define their goals – and they’re kind of cool to hang on your wall – but they are limited by the words and pictures you find in the magazines accessible to you.

A manifestation board takes the concept of a vision board and elevates it to a new level allowing you to ALSO illustrate that which brings you joy and feeds your soul!

Module 1 The Manifestation Board
Unit 1 The History of the Manifestation Board  - Preview
Unit 2 Introduction  - Preview
Unit 3 Set Your Intention
Unit 4 The Middle Box
Unit 5 The Manifestation Quadrant
Unit 6 The Spirit Quadrant
Unit 7 The Mind Quadrant
Unit 8 The Body Quadrant
Unit 9 Putting it all Together
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