Conscious Eating – During Holidays and Other Days

by Rhonda Bolich-Lampo of The WELLthy People

Do you grab for junk food or healthy food?  I recently read about conscious eating in a magazine and have since realized it is a great way to shift our eating habits.  When we consciously eat or mindfully eat – we take notice of what we are putting in our bodies whether it be good for us or bad for us.  It is a simple habit we all can embrace. 

Instead of eating a pint of ice cream (I’ve been known to do that), drinking too much alcohol, or even being addicted to exercise we can learn to be more conscious about our lives.  Having the attitude of “I’ll deal with it later” isn’t always the best approach. 

A trip to the refrigerator or the pantry needs to be more mindful.  Are you really hungry?  Eating because of stress or boredom?  Grabbing something like caffeine or sugar to help keep you awake?  Discovering the real reason of the why and what you are eating can help you begin to change the habit.   Writing in a journal can help you rediscover the “real” reason for your eating habits and bring clarity to your situation. 

Taking care of your health by taking care of what you put in your body (including drugs and medications) is how YOU control your future.  Your health is your #1asset.  Be conscious and take better care of your asset.    

Written by Rhonda Bolich-Lampo | The WELLthy People |