The YOU Brand/ESC Program Submission


You MUST be a provider in good standing with You Define Wellness at the Network Member or Premier+ level... this opportunity is not available to Basic Members.

You MUST electronically sign the Addendum to the Participating Provider Agreement as certain unique rules and guidelines pertain to this special program.

You can submit as many coaching programs of any type as you wish – the form allows for 4 programs; submit multiple forms if necessary.

If your coaching program is a GROUP program, you must have an existing group the participants can join.

MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE A GOOD DESCRIPTION of what the participant can expect. We have lost the art of mind reading and we don't have the time to go to your website and copy the information (if it's even there).

We reserve the right to decline programs that – in our judgement – are inappropriate. This rarely occurs; when in doubt, ask.

DO NOT ADD THIS PROGRAM TO YOUR STORE/PROFILE!!! Complete the form below and we'll add it for you.


The YOU Brand/ESC Program Submission January 28, 2022

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