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Physical Wellness

Ayu -absence of symptoms of disease

Do you embrace the common perception that health is the
absence of symptoms of disease?

But then wonder about the times when you are not feeling
well, yet all the tests are normal?

A person is in good health when he or she is:

Has balanced bio-elemental energies. Vata,
Pitta, Kapha

Strong digestion and metabolism

Properly nourished and toxin free

Has timely formation and elimination of wastes
from body: urine, feces, sweat?

Good coordination between mind and senses, mind
and intellect and intellect and soul.

Happiness and contentment.


Earth: the state of solidity and stability

Water: the state of fluidity, moisture, and flow.

Fire the state of heat and transformation, that which
engulfs whatever it comes into contact with.

Air: the state of mobility and movement

Ether: the space or the field that contains the above four


Often people ask what is Ayurvedic food?

What food is most balancing for you, right now?

If its celery juice – it is astringent in taste, cooling and
calls for higher digestive strength.

If your pitta is hi, your agitated with acidic digestion, a
burning sensation. Then you need a shot of alkalizing fluid.


The golden rule of balance: 
Like increases like and opposite balance.


Semi-digested food is the root cause of inflammation.

Your digestive system grabs what is useful and sends it into
the body tissues and drives what is not useful our for elimination.  If your agni is low, undigested proteins, fat
molecules can be fully absorbed and linger in small intestine, irritating it
and causing allergies to heavy foods, such as those containing gluten, lectins,
or lactose.  The unused food then ends up
in the lymphatic system, which acts as a garbage disposal in the body.  Over time the lymphatic drains become
clogged.  The congested lymphatic system
can lead to accumulation of fatigue, belly fat, bloat, brain fog and more.
Ayurveda calls this semi-digested or unripe food residue AMA.  It is food we have eaten but has not
transformed to become a part of our body.

The more ama that accumulates and clogs the pathways in our
body, the weaker our agni becomes the more ama. Ama is heavy and sticky and
attaches to coronary arteries, digestive tract, lungs, sinuses, brain and thus
becomes the main cause of inflammation. This does not happen overnight; it is
years of eating unsuitable foods.

 18 categories of food

State of your digestion or strength of your agni

Health condition

Dosha balancing needs

Climate and geographical location

Time of day, season, and life (age)

Physical activity and upbringing


Here is your first check in with yourself:

How does your stomach feel? Acidic, bloated, heavy, hungry.

Ayurvedic consultation will help you align, balance and be healthy.  

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