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Intellectual Wellness

Is Your Grief Consuming You

Peggy Green - Thee Grief Specialist

Written by The Grief Specialist Peggy Green

Sometimes it takes someone who is not close to the situation or circumstances to shed light on something you cannot see for yourself. Is grief stealing your life away? 

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Grief, Joy and Gratitude Can and Do Co-exist

Peggy Green - Thee Grief Specialist

Written by Peggy Green Thee Grief Specialist

August 9 is my first child’s birthday. She would have been 31 years old this year. I took her picture off the top of my desk where it was so carefully placed years ago. The frame is oval with gold and silver trim. As I looked at it, so many memories came flooding in. Her fuzzy blonde hair stood on end and her deep blue eyes stared back at me. I found myself studying her just like when she was a new-born.

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Calm on command with this simple technique

Try this simple yet super powerful technique you literally do anywhere to cultivate calm on command!

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12 Steps to Freedom: Step 5 Accountable

Accountable. Is it a word you like or not? Come learn and get the tool of the month too.

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Mindful Minute: Brain Detox

by Natalie Forest, PhD, of Natalie Forest International

Would you like to feel calm and focused?  Check out Dr. Natalie’s Mindful Minute on Brain Detox!

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Pillars of Purpose

by Heather Holmes-Lonergan of Conscious Connections Coaching

Your purpose is within you. You don’t have to wait for the lightning bolt to strike, or for your

purpose to appear in a dream or a vision. It’s already there, waiting for you to discover it.

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STOP! and Get in the Game!

by Natalie Forest, PhD of Natalie Forest International

The key to wellness is … what?

Yup – it may depend in nuances, and yet, the main key is: play the game / engage!

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Be Positively You

by Nancy Kalsow of Kalsow Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Similar to physical fitness our minds need exercise too. Join Nancy in exploring the 3 core muscles that, when worked regularly, are proven to boost your mental fitness for overall well being.

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Your Purpose Blueprint! How Scientific Hand Analysis Impacts Personal and Professional Success

by Jayne Sanders of Purpose Whisperer

Did you know that your hands contain a blueprint that reveals your innate life purpose, special gifts, blind spots, and much more?

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