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Casinos Aren’t Built by Winners

You are passionate about sharing your knowledge and skills with the world.

You KNOW you can help others.

With great excitement, and a little fear, you launch your own business, print up business cards, set up a website, and announce your new adventure on social media.

In effect, you hung out your shingle and – on opening day – threw open the proverbial door to welcome the masses, all the people you’re going to help…
… and no one is there.

The feeling of defeat you may feel when the clients do not magically appear can propel you into making decisions that are not right for your business, or your pocketbook. 

In this booklet, Denise O’Malley – the founder of You Define Wellness – shares three pieces of wisdom she’s gained based on hundreds of conversations with your peers over the years. We hope you find it helpful, and if we can be of service to you, contact us!

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Casinos Aren’t Built by Winners November 10, 2021