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Calm on command with this simple technique

I’ll be honest with you, I only started mediating 3 years ago. Which until then of course made me feel like TOTAL fraud of a Yoga teacher for 14 years.

I just couldn’t do it…or so I thought.

My brain was constantly chattering…well it turns out so does everyone’s.

It’s the nature of your mind to think so of course when you ask it to get quiet it gets louder than a frat party with free beer.

So what can you do if you have a hard time experience the serene bliss that you expect meditation will bring?

Try this oh so simple technique: Rub 2 fingers together. Very gently and slowly so you can feel the ridges of your finger tips. While you do it, breathe deeply. Focus on the sensation and come back to it when you get distracted (which you will, a lot). 

That’s it? No meditation cushion or incense needed? Nope.

This oh so powerful and practical tool helps you achieve the same sense of calm because it is meditating.

Nothing fancy, just training your mind to focus on ONE thing. Your finger tips. 

You can do it in a meeting or even waiting in line at the bank. It will help you cultivate calm on command….yessss please!

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