Becoming the CEO of your Health & Lifestyle

By Denise O’Malley, founder of You Define Wellness

Health insurance is probably not your favorite topic, it’s not mine either.  This is one of the reasons why I call myself a Reformed Insurance Agent.

Health care, however, is a fact of life and learning to become the CEO of your health and lifestyle helps you better navigate through the financial decisions that come with health decisions.

Aida Cirino Lee recently invited me to be her guest at the launch of her new segment for the Women’s Entrepreneur Network on Facebook. We talked about health insurance, what to sign up for at your employee benefits enrollment meeting, and wellness programs in general.  The focus was on how to become the CEO of Your Health and LifestyleHere’s the recording.

If you’d like to learn more about my views on the health insurance industry, I invite you to watch a series of really short videos I created several years ago called, “Confessions of a Reformed Insurance Agent.”

After 30+ years in the insurance industry, I stepped away because I’d seen how ‘the sausage is made’ and I knew my contribution to manifesting change that mattered was minimal.  You Define Wellness gives me the opportunity to be of service in a different – more impactful – way.  I invite you to learn more about the work we’re doing by scheduling a consultation with me… let’s discover new paths together!

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