Are you good at sales, or are you GREAT?

Hello, I’m Denise O’Malley and the founder of You Define Wellness.  All great companies begin as an idea, and then that idea is nurtured by a small group of passionate people.  I’m looking for the right people to represent my growing company, but before I get to the bottom line I’d like to share a story with you….


Three score and a half dozen or so years ago, several brothers saw the financial devastation that can occur when a serious illness like cancer presents itself.  The out-of-pocket expenses alone could mean bankruptcy for a family.  At the time, there was no available solution… so the brothers created one in the form of a new insurance product!  This new product eventually propelled their company from being a little business operating in a tiny office in small-town Georgia into a worldwide company with thousands of sales representatives and a quacking duck for a mascot.

You know the company I’m talking about, right?

I share the story of their beginning for one reason… today they enjoy incredible name recognition with thousands of people who compete against each other to sell their product.  When I was a sales representative for them 20 years ago, they had a very high sales turnover rate… and I would wager that it’s still the same today. Sales reps came in excited to be selling a for a name every household in America knows, but left after realizing how hard it would be to develop a clientele.  Selling a product based on name recognition is not an indicator for success!

Sidebar: In the early 2000’s, I walked into a manufacturing company located in an industrial part of town and proudly handed my duck-mascot company business card to the owner.  He looked at it, opened a drawer where I could see a fairly large pile of identical business cards and said to me in a bit of a southern drawl, “Darlin’, you’re the umpteenth rep from your company to walk through my door this week alone.  Why the hell should I do business with you?”  (Just for the record, I got the account… but that’s a story for another day.)

The fact is, if you’re selling a product or service – ANY product or service – it started with a visionary who identified a need and said…

I’m going to solve this problem!”

The visionary invested hours, months, years – and a ton of money – while creating and perfecting their solution.  They knocked on countless doors convincing friends and strangers to buy their solution and eventually added a sales team.

I can share from experience that adding the first sales people is tough… you have a great idea but an unknown company.  “Good” sales people want to sell for a name that is recognizable as it helps open doors.

“GREAT” sales people recognize when an incredible opportunity presents itself and digs in with gusto.
I’m looking for GREAT sales people to join my team! 


The sales position I created is what I longed for while representing other companies:

  • Early stage market entrance with a unique, intriguing, and in-demand product;
  • Ability to influence and collaborate with management and caregivers on most aspects of our company;
  • Multiple sources of revenue based on personal interest; and,
  • Opportunity to grow and create new career positions with us.

Being GREAT is more than seeing opportunity!

In fact, it’s much more than that!

It’s about recognizing you are an imperfect human being and are striving to grow and be better.

It’s about integrity, honesty, and adhering to positive values.

I was fired once after I discovered my top salesman was selling products unethically – actually illegally – and I had the audacity to bring it to my insurance agency owner’s attention.  Little did I know he was planning to sell his agency and needed the high volume of sales (no matter how illegal the manner) in order to get a good price for his business.

We’re not going to do business that way.  It’s not ‘sales at all costs.’  We’re not going to pressure people to part with their money.  What we ARE going to do is create so much value and desire that it only makes sense for a prospect to say ‘Yes!’, and for them to know it was a smart business decision.

Can you live with being part of a professionalism-first sales team?

What to expect by working together:

  • I will bring to the table countless opportunities for success with unlimited income potential;
  • You understand that your income depends 100% on your motivation and desire to succeed.
  • I will be accessible to you for training, questions, brainstorming, and strategy;
  • You must bring the desire to learn, dream, strategize, envision, and IMPLEMENT.
  • I will honor your individuality including outside activities and commitments;
  • You will be an independent contractor and will manage your time as you deem appropriate.
  • I will provide leadership opportunities to build teams and mentor others
  • You need to decide what your career path looks like, and then earn the opportunity to pursue that path if team leadership is your goal.
  • I understand that time is a precious commodity and will not waste yours with needless meetings;
  • You share the same respect of my time.
  • I will rejoice in your successes and help you work through the failures.

Do you have what it takes to be a GREAT addition to our team?

If your answer is ‘Yes!’, then I’d like to talk to you.  Call or email me, tell me why we should work together, and answer these three questions:

  • Do you consider yourself a mediocre, good, or GREAT salesperson?


  • What investment have you made into yourself to be the best salesperson you can be?


  • Have you ever worked on commission only; and, if ‘yes’, how did that work out for you?

Denise O'Malley
Founder of You Define Wellness

Cell: 303-257-1916

Are you good at sales, or are you GREAT? November 21, 2018