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We’re excited you want to join the You Define Wellness provider network.  We invite you to grab your favorite beverage and settle in because the application is not short.  We are going to ask questions about your business and the services you offer.

This will accomplish two things:

  • Provide us with the necessary information to conduct our due diligence review; and,
  • Accelerate the process of getting you set up on our website and presenting you to the general public.

We may have additional information we need from you, and you may have questions about what we’re asking for.  Do the best you can on the application… the more you can provide us, the less we have to go back and forth after your application is accepted.  PLEASE NOTE: Discount codes – when available – will be requested after you submit your application.

If you prefer a monthly payment option: use discount code MONTHLYPAY.  You will be charged $49 with the application for our due diligence costs and billed $41.67 a month for the joining fee over the next 12 months after acceptance.  No discounts are available with this option and your profile will be deactivated for non-payment of installments.

By the way… Click here to download the LIFETIME provider agreement for your records if you’d like a copy.

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Apply to join our network! August 1, 2016