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Anxiety and Breathing

Studies on breathing and breathing techniques are ongoing. They have been ongoing for decades. What seems so natural can get broken for a number of reasons, like having a cold. Because blocked sinuses from a cold or allergies, even evolutionary changes that block the growth of a proper airway all add up to compensating behaviors, like breathing with your mouth open.

Just the mere fact that you breathe with your mouth open sets up this weird hormonal reaction. From bed wetting to high blood pressure we find that learning to breathe less is the answer.

Did you ever notice that the body is the opposite? Eating fat may be the best way to lose weight and vegetarians and runners can both end up with cardiovascular disease or high cholesterol. When a person has too much air
going in and out, the body’s oxygen delivery system can’t release the oxygen to the cells. The red blood cells responsible for carrying oxygen around hang on tight, and you get the feeling that you aren’t getting enough air than breathing even harder! With your mouth open! And your energy fades. If you’re at a desk or driving or watching tv, that tight hold the red blood cells have on your oxygen level makes your anxious.

One of my clients had a lot of anxiety when he contacted me. He brought along the type of food he was eating, he used his hands to describe where his anxiety was in his chest.

He learned the Buteyko breathing method and reduced his anxiety dramatically over the five-week course. The anxiety continued to drop
as he became better at reducing his breathing. Remember that the body is the opposite? Well, Buteyko Breathing uses breathe holding in longer and longer periods over time. This breath-holding allows the oxygen to release from the red blood cells and oxygenate the tissues. He doesn’t feel out of breath, he feels great, and has more energy. He is very happy with this change.

Can you benefit from learning the Buteyko method of breathing? Do you find you’re anxious all the time or anxiety washes over you for no good reason at all? Stop in at Primal Air or give a call. Shirley can do an evaluation in person or virtually to see if you’re a good candidate. Classes
start pretty often and those five weeks fly by as your anxiety takes a hike.

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