Our vision for the future of health care is big... and so is yours if you're on this page.

Change is in the air.  It’s all around us.  You can feel the surge of a new vision just beyond the horizon.

This new vision is lacking one critical element: how to not only impact how we redefine health care but also to engage people enmass… and it’s not as simple as creating wellness programs for the workplace.

You Define Wellness combines workplace access with employee engagement…

but to have MASSIVE change, we need a massive number of providers in our network to attract large employers!

Help us grow to 10,000 providers in our network!

Join Our Affiliate Program and Be Compensated for Changing How Health Care is Defined!

Earn commission when you introduce independent health & wellness professionals to our website and they join our network.

How does it work? It's 3 simple steps!
Share our social media posts and/or invite your health & wellness friends to join our network or learn more about us.
Using your custom affiliate link, they'll be immediately directed to the right page on our website to learn more and sign up.
We record the sale in our system and link it to your affiliate profile.
Affiliate commission starts at 10% and can increase to 25%.
To initially receive 25% commission level: Participate, with camera on, in a "What is You Define Wellness?" webinar.
To maintain 25% commission level: Three contracted providers each quarter.
You can access affiliate details through our website and request commission payment... if we haven't already paid you!
The potential is certainly there to make money, particularly as a nice-paying side-gig, but it's entirely up to you how much!
The chart at right shows income potential based on number of providers who join our network under your affiliate link.
It's up to you to decide how you'll promote your affiliate link. For ideas, CLICK HERE.
Affiliate July 9, 2022